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  1. A Main Hobbies Debuts World-Class Racing Facility
  2. 2012 9th Annual Sidewinder Nitro Explosion: TLR's Adam Drake Captures 2 Titles
  3. Online Coverage Of The 2012 Hobby Haven Off-Road Shootout
  4. 9th Annual Sidewinder Nitro Explosion: Tekin Sweeps 1/8 Electric Buggy Podium
  5. 9th Annual Sidewinder Nitro Explosion: Ryan Cavalieri Wins 1/8 Nitro Buggy
  6. Malaysian Southern Series Round 4: JConcepts Ben Panic TQs & Wins 1/8 Nitro Buggy
  7. 2012 Hobby Haven Off-Road Shootout: JConcepts Wins In 5 Classes
  8. 3rd Annual Short Course Explosion: BMiller Racing Sweeps Expert Buggy Classes
  9. FTMS At The Backyard Track: Caster Racing USA Wins In 1/8 Electric Buggy
  10. South American National Off-Road Series: Agama Sweeps 1/8 Titles
  11. A Main Hobbies To Hosts 2012 U.S. Nitro Worlds Warm-Up Race
  12. 3rd Annual Sagebrush Classic Race: Caster Racing USA's Rick Jenkins TQs 1/8 E Buggy
  13. South American National Off-Road Series: FTW TQs And Wins 1/8 Nitro Buggy
  14. 2012 Holmes Hobbies RCCrawler Nationals: RC4WD's James Caruso Wins Overall Title
  15. Belgian/Netherlands Championship series Round 6: X Factory's Wouter Wynen Wins
  16. Race Against Cancer: Team Associated's Brandon Marsh Wins 2WD And 1/8 E Buggy
  17. Over 20,000 Attend The First Horizon U.S. Airmeet
  18. BRCA National Touring Car Series: Team Associated's Olly Jefferies Wins Championship
  19. New South Wales At Ryde Track: X Factory's Ashley Anthony Wins 2WD Stock Buggy
  20. South African National Championships: Panther Secures 2WD And 4WD National Title
  21. Josh Cyrul Signs With Viper R/C Solutions
  22. ROAR Region 2 Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Point Series Final: Tekin's Mark Unrath Wins
  23. John Force Wins Inaugural Traxxas Nitro Shootout Funny Car Race
  24. Short Course Showdown Nationwide Tour Rd 6: Team Associated's Brian Kinwald Wins
  25. Traxxas And John Force Racing Accelerate Further Into The NHRA Championship Chase
  26. 2012 Summer Classic at RCHQ: FTW's Mike Battaile Sweeps
  27. Team Associated's Carl Renezeder Wins His 100th+ In Las Vegas
  28. 6th Annual JConcepts Clash: Seven Titles For Team Associated
  29. Capital City Raceway Money Race: Venom's Chris Giraldo Podiums
  30. Final Round Of B.N.K. Championship: X Factory's Stefan Mesker Wins
  31. Michigan State Champs Series: Tekin Wins
  32. 2012 JConcepts Clash: JConcepts Wins In 12 Out Of 14 Classes
  33. 2012 JConcepts Southern Nationals: FTW Drivers Take Home 3 Wins
  34. 2012 JConcepts Southern Nationals: Agama's Jason Branham Wins Pro Nitro Buggy
  35. 2012 IIC: Team Associated TQs And Wins In 4 Classes
  36. HobbyPlex Summer Series RD6: Panther's Dillan Voelker Wins Pro2 Title
  37. 2012 South Florida Short Course Nationals: JConcepts Wins In 2 Classes
  38. 2012 Reedy Truck Race of Champions: Reedy Takes 2 Wins
  39. 2012 Reedy Truck Race of Champions: Orion's Drew Moller Wins Mod Truck
  40. Short Course Showdown Finals: JConcepts Sweeps In All Classes
  41. 2012 US Nitro Worlds Warm-up at A-Main Hobbies: AKA's Jared Tebo Wins
  42. 2012 Dirt Nitro Challenge Italy: AKA's Ryan Lutz Wins
  43. 2012 Super Cup Championship Series Fall Session RD3: JConcepts Wins In 4 Classes
  44. Durango Northeast Indoor Championship: X Factory's John Cravotta Wins In 2 Classes
  45. Gun Smoke Classic: Agama's Andrew Smolnik Wins In 1/8 E Buggy
  46. German Championship: Tekno RC Wins 40+ Brushless 1/8 Buggy Class
  47. 2012 TrackStar Off-Road Championships: JConcepts' Brian Kinwald Wins 2 Classes
  48. 2012 JConcepts Indoor National Series Finals: JConcepts Win In 6 Classes
  49. 2012 JConcepts Indoor National Series Finals: Tekin's Matt Olson Wins 2 SC Classes
  50. RC Pro Series National Finals: FTW's Joor And Henn Crowned Champions
  51. 2012 Oval Masters: Trinity D3.5 Motors Dominate
  52. Victorian State Championships: JConcepts On Top Down Under
  53. TrackStar Grand Prix In San Diego: Tekno RC Sweeps SCT 4x4 Podium
  54. JBRL Nitro Series Finals: TLR's Adam Drake Wins Expert Buggy
  55. 2012 Spektrum Off-Road Championship: Team Associated Wins In 4 Classes
  56. 2012 JConcepts Arizona State Championships: JConcepts Takes Multiple Wins
  57. 2012 Sprint Car Nationals: Tekin's Steve Salvas Wins
  58. Schumacher Indoor Off Road Masters Rd 2: Schumacher's Nathan Waters Wins
  59. 2012 Czech National Winter Championships: RDRP's Kája Novotny Wins
  60. Vegas RC Raceway's 1st Annual TLR Electric Buffet: MIP Serves Up 5 of 7 SCTe Wins
  61. Fall Points Series At Hobby Hut Raceway: Panther's Howard Kimley Wins In Pro2
  62. GCRC Raceway Points Series: Panther's Darren Lord Wins 4wd Pro SC Division
  63. 8th Annual Gobbler Classic: X Factory Dominates Mod Truck With New X – 60CF
  64. ProTek R/C Challenge Cup: BMiller Racing Wins In 2 Classes
  65. Top Notch Series Round #1: Team Associated's Kody Numedahl Wins Mod 2WD Buggy
  66. BMiller Top Driver Challenge @ Cheese City XTreme RC Raceway: BMiller Wins 2 Classes
  67. 2012 Holiday Brawl At OCRC Raceway: Tekin's Ryan Dunford Wins Pro 4 & Pro 2
  68. 1st Annual Toys 4 Tots Race @ IERC: EazyRC Wins In Modd Bugy & Truck
  69. R/C Raceway Trophy Race At Uniontown, Ohio: X Factory's Ben Moisio Wins In 2 Classes
  70. BMiller Racing's Brad Miller Hosts Christmas Shopping Spree For Big Brothers/Sisters
  71. 2012 ROAR Region 4 Off-Road Championships: Reedy's Borkowicz And Venezia Win
  72. Tennessee Indoor State Championship: X Factory Wins In 3 Classes
  73. 2012 Nitro Sideshow Cash Shootout: Duratrax's Ben Burtle TQs & Wins In 2 Classes
  74. Area 51 Race: Schumacher's Tom Cockerill Wins
  75. 2013 KO Propo Off-Road Championships: JConcepts Wins In 3 Mod Classes
  76. IERC Toys For Tots Race: MIP Wins Pro2 SC Class
  77. 2013 CRCRC Electric Midwest Championships: Panther TQs & Wins 17.5 Pro2 Class
  78. 2013 CRCRC Electric Midwest Championships: Tekin TQs & Wins Pro4 Class
  79. Autosport GT Cup: Team Associated's Olly Jefferies Wins
  80. 2013 CRCRC Electric Midwest Championships: JConcepts Wins In Pro4 Class
  81. 2013 CRCRC Electric Midwest Championships: AKA Wins 4 Mod Classes, Debuts Handlebars
  82. 2013 Novak Off-Road Race: Pro-Line's Alex Eklund TQs & Wins 17.5 SCT
  83. 2013 Colonel Classic: Tekin TQs And Makes Podium Twice
  84. 22nd U.S. Open Wheel Dirt Oval Champs: Tekin Wins 13.5 EDM Class
  85. 2013 CRCRC Electric Midwest Championships: TrakPower Wins In 2 Classes
  86. 2013 CRCRC Electric Midwest Championships: MIP's Matt Olson Wins Pro4 Class
  87. 2013 Pro Trucking Tour: Panther's Darren Lord Takes 2 Wins Down Under
  88. Mid Atlantic Championships: Panther's Drew Connelly Makes The Podium
  89. JConcepts Scalpel Grand Prix Debuts At Village Raceway
  90. 2nd Annual Epic Freeze At P1 Hobbies
  91. 2013 Reedy International Off-Road Race Of Champions: Futaba Wins Open 2WD Buggy
  92. 2013 Reedy International Off-Road Race Of Champions: Team Durango Wins Open 2WD Buggy
  93. Venom Offroad Jam: Tekin's Matt Olson Wins Pro4 And Pro2 Classes
  94. Revelation Raceway’s Winter Nationals: TLR's Adam Drake Sets 2 TQs, Wins Pro Truggy
  95. RC Pro Texas State Series Rd 1: FTW Wins In 3 Classes
  96. 2013 Super Cup Championship Series Rd 2: JConcepts Wins In 7 Classes
  97. 1st Annual Venom Offroad Jam At Fastlane Raceway: MIP Wins In 5 Classes
  98. RC Pro Texas State Series Rd 1: Tekin Wins In Pro4 SC Class
  99. 2013 Reedy International Off-Road Race: Reedy Sweeps 2WD/4WD Open Classes
  100. JConcepts Indoor Series RD 1: Tekin's Matt olsen Wins Pro4 SC
  101. JConcepts 2013 Indoor National Series RD 1: Orion Wins In 2 Mod Claees
  102. 2013 JConcepts Indoor National Series RD1: JConcepts Takes 3 Wins
  103. 4th Annual Outback Shootout Kicks Off The A Main Hobbies Racing Season
  104. 2013 JConcepts Indoor National Series RD1: Team Associated Wins In 3 Classes
  105. 2013 Rumble In The Rockies: Team Associated Takes 3 Wins
  106. 2013 Motorama: Tekin Wins Pro4, Podiums In 2 Other Classes
  107. 25th Annual April Fools Classic At Intermountain RC Raceway
  108. 2013 Motorama: JConcepts Wins In 6 Classes
  109. 2013 Motorama: Team Associated Wins In 6 Classes
  110. 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge: Tekin Sweeps Pro 4 Podium
  111. 2013 Short Course Showdown RD1: Team Associated Wins In 3 Classes
  112. 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge: O.S. Engine Driver Ty Tessman Wins Pro 1/8 Truggy
  113. 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge: Futaba's Ryan Maifield Wins 1/8 Pro Buggy
  114. Top Notch Series Round #4: Tekno RC Wins In 1/8 E Buggy & Pro4 SCT
  115. 2013 BRCA Winter National: Team Associated's Olly Jefferies Wins
  116. 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge: FTW's Mike Battaile Wins 40+ Truggy Class
  117. 2013 Cabin Fever: Tekin Takes 2 Wins
  118. 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge: Tekno RC Sweeps Open 1/8 E Buggy, Wins Pro4
  119. 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge: Novak's Billy Fischer Wins Pro 1/8 E Buggy
  120. 2013 JRBL Electric Series RD 1: Tekin Wins Pro4
  121. 4th Annual Outback Shootout: Panther Wins In Pro2 And Pro4 Classes
  122. March Madness Race @ The RC Pit Supercross Track: Agama's Greg Degani Wins
  123. 2013 4th Annual Outback Shootout: Tekin Takes 4 Wins
  124. 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge: JConcepts' Driver Ryan Maifield Wins 1/8 Pro Buggy
  125. 2013 Bigfoot Extravaganza: JConcepts Win In 3 Mod Classes
  126. 2013 Super Cup Championship Series Rd 3: JConcepts Captures Mulitple WIns
  127. 2013 4th Annual Outback Shootout: BMiller Racing Takes 4 Wins, 9 Podiums Overall
  128. 2013 JRBL Electric Series RD 1: Team Associated Wins In 7 Classes
  129. 2013 TITC: Reedy's Atsushi Hara Wins
  130. 2013 ChiTown Shootout: Team Durango Wins In 3 Mod Classes
  131. 2013 ChiTown Shootout: Futaba Takes 3 Wins
  132. 2013 ChiTown Shootout: TrakPower Wins In 4 Classes
  133. 2013 JBRL Electric Series RD 1: JConcepts Takes 5 Wins
  134. Top Notch Series RD 6: Team Associated Wins In Mod Truck And Buggy
  135. 2013 Chi Town Shootout: Viper's Travis Amezcua Wins In Mod 2WD & 4WD Buggy
  136. Psycho Nitro Blast: AKA's Ryan Lutz Wins 1/8 Pro Nitro Buggy
  137. 27th Annual Pro-Line Cactus Classic: Team Associated Wins In 4 Classes
  138. A Main Hobbies' Silver Dollar RC Raceway To Host The ROAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road Nats
  139. NAMBA Straightline Time Trials: Novak's Bill Oxidean Sets A New World Record
  140. Psycho Nitro Blast VI: Team Associated's Max Flurer Takes 3 Wins
  141. Pro-Line Cactus Classic: Reedy's Ryan Maifiled Wins In 2 Mod Classes
  142. A Main Hobbies' Silver Dollar Off-Road Challenge
  143. 2013 Psycho Nitro Blast: JConcepts TQs & Wins In 5 Classes
  144. Tekno RC's SCT410 Takes 2 Wins At WCRC Supercross Series & SDRC DE Series Round 2
  145. Top Notch Series Finals: Tekno RC Notches 3 Wins
  146. AKA Spring Series RD 2: TLR's Adam Drake Wins In Pro 1/8 Nitro Buggy
  147. TLR Shootout At Dirtburners: Caster Racing's Chris "Krio" Peterson Wins 1/8 E Buggy
  148. 2013 Psycho Nitro Blast: Tekin Sweeps 1/8 E Buggy Podium
  149. 2013 Short Course Showdown Nation Wide Tour RD #2 Race Report
  150. CVR's March Madness: Tekin Takes 2 Wins
  151. Top Notch Series Finals: Tekin Captures 3 Titles
  152. TLR Shootout At Dirtburners: Panther Wins In Pro2 Mod SC Class
  153. 2013 Tekin Showdown At TQ Raceway: Tekin Wins In 2 Classes
  154. RC Pro Series North RD1: Panther's Dillan Voelker Podiums In Pro 1/8 E Buggy
  155. 2013 JConcepts Spring Indoor Nationals
  156. MN State Championships: Tekin's Andrew Mowery Wins Stock Sedan Class
  157. RC Pro Series North RD1: Team Associated's Nick Gibson Wins 1/8 Pro Buggy
  158. JQ Wins In Crete
  159. Thunder R/C Winter Champs: X Factory Takes Home 3 Wins
  160. 2013 JBRL Nitro Series RD1: Team Associated's Richard Saxton Wins Expert 1/8 E Buggy
  161. 25th Annual April Fools Classic: Team Associated Takes 3 Mod Wins
  162. District 9 Points Race: Venom's Bill Oxidean Wins In PLTD Offshore Class
  163. Super Cup Championship Series RD4: JConcepts Wins In 9 Classes
  164. 2013 JConcepts Dirt Invert
  165. 2013 Australian Nationals: JConcepts' Driver Scott Giles Takes Home 2 Titles
  166. Big Bend Off-Road Shootout: JConcepts Wins In 3 Classes
  167. Great Hobbies Drivers Join Team Durango North America
  168. RC Pro Texas Series Rd 2: FTW Takes Home 5 Wins
  169. 2 Races, 2 Wins For Tekin's New Pro 4HD Motor
  170. Canadian Indoor Off-road Shootout: TLR's Adam Drake Sweeps 1/8 Niro Classes
  171. NCVM Benefit Race: BMiller Racing Takes Multiple Wins
  172. 2013 JBRL Electric Series RD2: Tekno RC Takes 2 Wins
  173. 2013 New Zealand EP Off-Road Nats: Team Associated's Mark Bidlake Wins
  174. 2013 JConcepts Clash Announcement - September 6-8, 2013
  175. A Main Teams Up With “The Dirt’s” Joey Christensen On New Layout & Soil For SDRC
  176. 2013 Mile High Indoor Championships: Team Associated Wins In Multiple Classes
  177. Online Coverage Of The 2013 Short Course Showdown Nationwide Tour #3
  178. Northwest Championship Tour: Tekin Takes Home 3 Wins
  179. 2013 Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series: Team Associated Takes 2 Wins
  180. 2013 JConcepts Spring Indoor Nationals: Ryan Maifield Wins In Mod 2WD/4WD Buggy
  181. Truck’n Tuesday Series: Panther/Tekin Driver Darren Lord Wins Pro4 Class
  182. 2013 JConcepts Spring Indoor Nationals: JConcepts Wins In 7 Classes
  183. Thunder Alley Raceway Trophy Race: X Factory's Mark Samuelson Wins In Mod Buggy
  184. oOple Race: Schumacher Wins In Mod 2WD And 4WD Buggy
  185. MRCL Club Annual GP: X Factory's Bruno Heremans Wins With X – 6 Cubed Prototype
  186. 2013 Short Course Showdown Roundd #3: Team Associated's Chad Due TQs & Wins Pro2 SC
  187. BRCA National Warm Up Race: Schumacher's Chris Grainger TQs & Wins
  188. Ultra4 Race: Tekin's Scott Hughes Wins
  189. 2013 District 9 points Race: Venom's Bill Oxidean Wins
  190. HobbyPlex Summer Series RD#1: Vanderbeeks Take Home 2 TQs And 3 Wins
  191. 2013 Spring Sting At Badlands: Tekin Wins In 1/8 Electric Truggy Class
  192. 2013 Spring Challenge @ Revelation Raceway: TLR's Adam Drake Wins Pro 1/8 Buggy
  193. 2013 Traction Hobbies Showdown: DE Racing Takes 2 Wins
  194. 2013 JConcepts Stock Nationals: MIP Wins In 3 Classes
  195. Elite Raceway Season opener: Panther's Leonard Schinzano Sweeps 3 Classes
  196. 2013 JConcepts Stock Nationals: Team Associated's Steven Hartson Takes 2 Wins
  197. 2013 ROAR Off-Road Electric 4wd SCT, 8th Electric Nationals Flyer
  198. 2013 Matt Gerald Benefit Race: Panther 2 Two Wins
  199. 2013 Southeastern Indoor Classic: Tekin's Mark Moon Wins 2WD Mod Buggy
  200. Rose Classic Offroad Championships: Tekin's Jason "Mo" Moberly Wins Pro2 Class
  201. 2013 ROAR Nitro Nationals Warm Up Race: Tekin Takes 2 Wins
  202. BMiller Racing Stock VS. Mod Buggy Challenge
  203. Southern Racers League RD2: Schumacher's Jimmy Maddison Wins With Mi5
  204. 1st Annual DE/Panther Racing Series: Tekno RC Wins In 2 Classes
  205. NAMBA District 9 Points Chase: Bill Oxidean Wins Again
  206. Spain National Series RD 2: Schumacher Wins
  207. Chaos On The Coast RD 4: JConcepts Wins 2WD Mod Buggy
  208. Silver Dollar Off-Road Challenge: A Main Drivers Win
  209. Silver Dollar Off-Road Challenge: AKA's Austin Blair Wins In 3 Classes
  210. Silver Dollar Off-Road Challenge: Tekin Wins In 3 Classes
  211. Grass Roots Racing Series RD 4: JQ's Chris Marrale Wins In 1/8 E Buggy
  212. 1st Annual TGH Spring Shootout: Orion Takes 3 Wins
  213. Southwest Indoor Points Challenge: X Factory's Vinny Pedersoli Sweeps 13.5 SC Class
  214. 2013 Midwest Nitro Series RD 1: Panther's Sonny O Wins
  215. Silver Dollar Off-Road Challenge: Teno RC's Austin Blair Takes 2 Wins
  216. 2013 AKA Spring Series: TLR's Adam Drake Sweeps Nitro 1/8 Classes
  217. BTCC Round 2 At Stafford: Schumacher Takes 2 Wins
  218. 2013 JConcepts Dirt Invert: 5 Wins For JConcepts Drivers
  219. 2013 Reedy International Touring Car Race Of Champions: Associated Sweeps 13.5 Class
  220. AKA Mid-America Championship: AKA's Jared Tebo Sweeps Nitro 1/8 Classes
  221. Grass Roots Racing Series RD5: TLR Takes 2 Wins
  222. The Hank Perry 240: Tekin Takes 2 Wins, 3 TQs
  223. JBRl Nitro Series RD2: JQ's Chris Marrale Podiums In 1/8 E Buggy
  224. The Hank Perry 240: Team Associated Takes Multiple Wins
  225. 2013 JBRL Electric Series RD 3: Tekno RC's Chad Panek Wins In 2 Classes
  226. 2nd Annual Team Associated Top Gun Shootout
  227. Proline King Of Kings Race: TLR's Dakotah Phend Wins In 3 Classes
  228. 2013 JRBL Electric Series RD 3: Team Associated Wins In 5 Classes
  229. 2013 JRBL Electric Series RD 3: JConcepts Wins In 3 Classes
  230. Power Jam 2013
  231. A Main Chooses Pro-Line “X2” Suburbs & Scrubs As “Spec” Tires For IFMAR Pre-Worlds
  232. Texas Electric On-road Series 2013
  233. 2013 NAMBA Fast Electric Nationals: Venom's Bill Oxidean Takes Home 3 Wins
  234. RD 2 Of "The-Series" At Stateline R/C: AKA's Jason Jakubczyk Takes 2 Wins
  235. JBRl Nitro Series RD3: TLR Takes Home 3 Wins
  236. 2013 King Of Kings Race: Panther's Sonny O Podiums
  237. 2013 Short Course Showdown Nation Wide Tour RD #4: Tekin's Matt Olson Wins Pro4 SC
  238. RD2 Of The oOple Series: Double Win For Schumacher
  239. 2013 Exeter Hobbies Summer Nationals: Panther's Doug “Casper” Nielsen Takes 2 Wins
  240. 3rd Annual Mid-Summer Shootout: Tekin Takes 2 Wins
  241. Panther Tire Summer Slam 2013
  242. Hébert Set For AOC Debut In Melbourne
  243. JConcepts' National Tour Visits A Main Hobbies' Outback Raceway
  244. 2013 Nor-Star Champs: Tekin On The Podium
  245. 2013 Muchmore UK GP: Team Associated's Alan Bickerstaff Wins
  246. BRCA 1/10 Off-Road Nationals Round 4: Reedy's Tom Yardy Wins
  247. AMS 4.0: TLR's Adam Drake Wins 1/8 E Buggy
  248. AMS 4.0: AKA's Tebo, Lutz, And Johnson Wins In 3 Classes
  249. AMS 4.0: Tekin Takes 2 Wins With Drake And Lutz
  250. oOple Off-Road Open Series Finals: Double Championship Wins For Schumacher