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11-04-2003, 07:19 PM
The club I'm in is a co-sponsor of a race in Grand Rapids, MI on January 17th, 2004. That's a Saturday. There's also controlled practice all Day Friday.

There are five classes, $2000 in prizes, raffles and such.

Word of mouth has been really positive on this race and alot of folks have already entered. We've got people coming in from 4 different states so far and hopefully will have much more.

For details, here's the address:


Come on out, this going to be a big race!

11-04-2003, 07:54 PM
DRAT!!!No 1/8 off-road:(

11-04-2003, 08:12 PM
Will there be handout motors and tires?

My guess is no from the entree fee. Beautiful track though

11-04-2003, 09:55 PM
No, there won't be hand out motors or tires. But all the guys at the club who won't be racing (the off road guys) will be judging the event. I'm not sure what they have set up, but they are going to check motors and other things to see if anyone is cheating.

11-12-2003, 07:56 PM
Wow. There has been a great response for this race. There are, I'm told, almost 65 entries, and there is still 2 months to the race. Should be some great racing. Walk ups will be allowed, so this could be pretty big.

Keep em coming!