View Full Version : Losi Shock matching tool

11-21-2003, 08:42 PM
I was rebuilding my shocks after the year of running on my TMaxx and RC10 and found this tool a great help. I also used it on my MTX3 while I built the kit.

I was amazed how much shocks are off after draining and refilling. I happened to top a shock off to high with silicone oil and matched it with the other shocks. Now my shocks match when pressure is applied to them.

A must have for a shock rebuilder ;)

11-21-2003, 08:58 PM
While I can understand and appreciate such a tool for what it is, is it really necessary for the backyard basher or average club racer?

If we took two buggies or trucks set them up identically, with the exception of the shocks. One set-up using the tool, one set up without using the tool, could the average club racer tell which is which?

I guess I see these useful tools (seriously) but wonder how much it truely benefits the average joe....

11-21-2003, 09:17 PM
The backyard basher will not tell the difference but a serious club racer will. I am both a club racer and backyard basher. In the local track I have seen others do things that prevent breakage while running. Example would just a simple washer on the end of the shock mount will keep the shock from popping off from the mount when they come down to hard.

Even the average "Joe" club racer will welcome the edge that can be had with better handling. I am always looking for something to get my car or truck to handle a little better. Alignment is another simple thing that improves handling even with off roads. Toe in Toe out, how much of the outer tire has contact when going into a turn for grip.