View Full Version : Intresting M8 problem=solved!

04-05-2004, 10:40 PM
This is the most unique problem I have ever seen with a radio.

I was going up on to the driver's stand to start my second heat, I pulled my car up to the line and waited for the tone. As the tone went off I grabbed the trigger. To my surprise the trigger came back amazingly easy. My car took off down the straight. As I went to brake for the corner I noticed that the spring wasn't pulling back to neutral on my trigger. When I braked the trigger was very hard to push forward, but I had to slow down. I heard another click, my radio was now easy to brake but hard to accelerate. Eventually, about 3 minutes into the race a 3rd click signaled to me that I was going to have to tear down my M8 and fix a problem unknown to me all in the 1/2 hr before the next heat. My race didn't turn out so good. When I put my car back in tech I set my radio down and went to marshall. After I finished marshalling I put a battery on the charger and immdiately began disassembling my radio. There are like maybe 50 screws in that thing. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the top part off. It went easier after that. I had to split the bottom half down the middle and I couldn't figure out what was still holding it together, it was a decal :D . When I finally got to the trigger. I noticed the spring and cam were missing. I searched everywhere I had taken it and it was under the counter in the shop. So I gathered all the parts and tools I needed and asked someone in the shop to help me. We took it back to their pit room and had to figure out how the cam and spring went back on. Once we figured it out I reassembled it at warp speed. (lots of different types of screws took quite a while but was still my fastest). I ran out into the track and pit room and scrambled to my pit. I was the next race! :eek: My car sat as it was right after my race. I quickly unsoldered my dead pack and soldered the new one in, hoping it was charged. I had not cleaned my tires (A great help where I race, a clay track and slicks were the best set up). I got up to race and finished the race 4th and the radio still worked. WOW... I thought, has anyone else had this sort of problem?

R/C Kid
04-05-2004, 10:44 PM
Whoa dude thats crazy. High five for pulling ot off! :cool: