View Full Version : drag race evader w/dtx.18 vs ns w/xtm.18

05-09-2004, 10:44 PM
well yesterday a buddy of mine came up, i got him started into rc a bit ago, he bought a duratrax nitro evader. nice lookin truck i do have to say, well i was runnin my ns against him(xtm18 engine, cvd's. dirty as can be and 3 years old) we did a few drags. he killed me off the line but in midrange i pulled up a bit on him and top end i got out around him. i run a dynamite pipe i think its dual chamber and the duratrax pipe is single chamber cuz his is alot louder than mine. it seems to rev higher to but i cant be sure about that. other than bearings in the wheels, to gain a bit more speed what would give me that bottom end punch that i dont have? is my clutch fading and needs replaced? what do u recomend? should i get a stiff spring or a softer spring? i was messing with the low end needle on my truck and i got it set to were it immidiatly opens up with out a bog, but it just dont have the get up and go. oh yea and has anyone compared the xtm 18 vs the dtx 18? with stadiums out there like the evader and the x-celorator, traxxas is going to have to bring something new out. theres no real reason to buy a rustler or ns rather than a evader. u just get so much more stuff with the evader.

05-09-2004, 11:17 PM
a larger spur gear or smalled clutch bell would do it. you could also lean out you engine a little bit to gain some more power.

05-10-2004, 04:03 PM
nah the gearing is good, when i put the engine in i put a new flywheel and new clutch and clutch bell on it and after break in it popped wheelies. that was about a gallon ago. i did put on slightly taller tires. prolly 1/4 difference in overall height.

05-10-2004, 08:24 PM
I have run my X-cellerator against a Nitro-evader and was close off the line and spanked him top-end. The OS derived .18 is a good engine, but the difference is the gearing and I would say tuning capabilities on my part made a slight difference.

05-10-2004, 09:53 PM
im probably gettin alot of speed loss cause of all the drag in the drivetrain, and im talkin major drag. lol maybe if i have the time ill take apart the tranny clean it out install ball bearings and put a slipper on. i checked the tuning today and its spot on, im to the point that when i go leaner u cant notice a difference and if i go a bit richer it loses a bit of speed. might have the low end out of wake, ill have to check that one out... pretty much this is my beater truck, it takes massive abuse. lol well not as much now since i got the cvd's and xtm 18 in it, i keep a bit more care of it. heck i even cleaned it a bit. next hobby shop run i make to get outdrives and a set of ball bearings for the xxx ill pick up a new clutch set and install it, see if that helps. think i might just try to rough up the inside of the clutchbell with some sand paper, heard that that helps a bit... when these tires wear out(well,theres no tread left but theres no holes in em yet) ill get a set of low profile tires.