View Full Version : M18, should I get it?

05-10-2004, 10:19 PM
I have two nitros, a hyper 7 pbs and tmaxx. I was looking at getting a onroad but I don't want another nitro to deal with. I want something I can take out and jack around with. I also want to be able to race it. So, I looked and I found the xray 1/18 m18. How good are they? How fast would it be with a mod motor, how about a mamba brushless. :D Also could I use a couple of lipo's with the mamba? That would be awesome, speed and great runtime. Could you reccomend a fast setup that isn't too expensive? Too much cool stuff. Not enough money, the story of my life. lol

05-11-2004, 06:40 PM
Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes. :D

Yes I would get one, yes they are race worthy, yes they would be hella (like 40 mph fast) fast with the mamba, and yes the mamba can use lipolys. Go to www.one18th.com and www.minioffroaders.com for more info on the mamba. Shawn Palmer works for mamba and posts on the mini-t forums in both sites every once in a while. I was thinking about getting the M18 but want a 1/8 nitro buggy first..