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06-02-2004, 09:53 PM

I've just about finished selling one of my cars on ebay, and i'm looking for another car, not too expensive but a nice car that I may race but mostly play around with.

I currently have a AE FT B3, an Ofna Hyper 7, and an AE T4. I'm mainly looking for something that will be fun to build or work on, and will be lots of fun to play around with.

Since I'm looking for something in the $250 or less price range, I was leaning towards a mini car or truck. Currently I'm trying to decide between a Mini-t and a Mini-Z F1. But, I've also had the idea for a cutom car, but there was one problem on it that I realized that I would never be able to fix, so I scratched that idea.

I'm pretty sure of a Mini-z F1 or a Mini-t, but theres still that side feeling that always makes me uneasy about deciding. I'm thinking of possibly getting the mini-venom helicopter, but thats a whole different story. I will look into that.

Could anyone give me the main ups and downs of the MIni-z F1, the mini-t, and If anyone could list other mini cars or trucks, up to the 1/18th range that would be good for me to get.

I'm leaning towards on-road, but there is that feeling of wanting to jump and go on dirt and stuff, which is the reason for the mini-T.But I would like awesome handeling with the car, so thats why i'm trying to lean awawy from the Mini-T.

-X-ray M18
-X-ray Mini T1
-Mini-z F1
-venom mini giant

Could anyone give me any info on all of these cars, and what would probably be the best bang for my buck?

Try to lean towards on-road.

Thanks for any help.


06-02-2004, 10:23 PM
um mini t i very versatible i hadles reamrckebly well maybey better than the x ray

06-02-2004, 10:29 PM
Well, If i were you, I would save up for another 20 bucks and just buy an XTM Xcellerator. It is about 259 i believe? But from reviews it is worth it. Tuned pipe, alum chassis, the works. Plus you get a race worthy RTR. :cool:

06-02-2004, 10:31 PM
PS Its an offroad stadim truck
But if you want a cheap onroad, find out if your track has a street spec class.

06-02-2004, 10:31 PM
i've heard bad things about the venum truck, so i'd reccomend either the mini-t or the tlt-1.

06-02-2004, 11:51 PM
Mini Z's are to slow to have any real fun with, unless your confined to only being able to drive around in your appartment or something like that nature. If you're out bashing in a driveway or something they put around, its just too big for the car, heck they're even too small to run decently on a 1/10th scale track.

TLT-1: If you're into monster trucks I guess, but personally monster trucks do nothing for me.

Mini-T: Fun. Can be bashed or raced, fast enough to enjoy just about anywhere. Enough aftermarket things to buy to really customize it if thats your thing. Handle ok on road, but on any kind of grippy surface traction rolls easily since it IS an off road truck really.

M18: My personal favorite. Extremly quick out of the box, handles GREAT, virtually unbreakable, can be abused, and can absolutely be raced. Only downside is compared to the others its pretty costly, but still not too expensive IMO. Worth every penny and is THE small car to own if you're into on road.

I've owned all three of these vehicles at some point, and currently the only micro cars I have are 2 M18s if that says anything. :)

06-03-2004, 10:56 PM
the vmg looks pretty cool...pretty good deal IMO if you buy the berings...i'm looking into getting one...

i figure that i wouldn't be able to use am M18 in my house much... (carpet)...so i'd have to go to the garage if i ever wanted to use it...that would get boring awfly fast for paying almost 300 dollars for.... no

I like the mini-t...but i haven't really considered it because i'd then want to crawl stuff...not what stadium trucks are for....

I like the TLT-1, but it has an akwardly low looking ground clearance and the price is insane..... if you don't have electronics laying around...you'll be savin for a bit if you don't have a good flow of money comin in....

I like the venom mini giant... it looks toyish and the stock bushings are crap i hear...but who keeps bushings anyway? so that's no big deal... and after a few upgrades it will eaisly pull wheelies (also will stock i think) and probably be a blast to rip around the house... and you should see what some people like cbr74 are doing to theirs... it's pretty crazy... just drill a few holes and you can change the whole cesign to cantilliver suspension... but you should read the other thread on this... do a search and click the "Venom Mini Giants" thread..i think it's by cbr74...

The mini-zs....why even bother with those??? unless you want to make a scale offroading track that looks fitting for the thing and sit down to drive it around on that i doubt you'd get any fun out of it... 2wheel drive...so it would get stuck in anything remotly rough... and they don't even reccomend you take it outside... and the tiny little bugger costs more that the VMG...which is bigger...and ultamatly better IMO...

I don't know what the mini T-1 is...is that the short/small touring car???

The mini z F1... looks awsome as do the other mini-zs...but would you have a good space to run it in?? i doubt it would go on carpet... if your racetrack has them i bet the cars would be a blast... but again would might not be able to goof around when you get home :( i don't know your house so i can't say....

I still say the VMG, or the Mini-t for offroad...if you want to also crawl over little boulders and shoes...VMG....if you want faster and relatively smooth offroading...mini-t....or preference...

i don't have any of these but figured i might help with my opinions...but mine are biased toward the cheaper ones... but even if i had a ton of money i still would stick to the VMG.... it just fits me better still because it's UNDER 200 dollars....and dosen't need another 100 in electronics to use...

06-03-2004, 11:45 PM
Mini T1 is supposed to be SUPER fast, even with 4 cells. Plus, Xray, as you probably already know, is know for its great quality and solid build.

06-06-2004, 10:24 PM
Thanks for replying everyone. I think that its mainly down between the M18 and the Mini-T. I'm leaning towards the M18 basically because its very good quality, and you can use it on carpet too. And it is raceable. But... what class do you race it in? I know the track near me races HPI micro RS4's, but I do not know about M18's. But then again, I'm not a big racer. The mini-t's main reason of attraction to me is that the really nice off-road track near me races them, and I would race off-road. Plus, I can jump the mini-t around the house and places, and outside it has a little more vesatility than the M18, but it would not be as good on-road.

M18 or Mini-t? Possibly the mini-t, because I've just remember that I've got a very good quality Corally 1/12th on-road racer car(the very first mosel that they made) downstairs and All I need to do to fix it is replace the bearings and find a spur Gear.

I'm saying it mini-t 65%, M18 35% right now... any more help or suggestions?

06-07-2004, 12:44 AM
I'm not positive for your track, but I'd make a bet you can race your M18 with the micro RS4s.

If you've already got a 1/12th scale the Mini T would be different at least, because honestly racing the M18 is like racing a slower 1/12th scale.