View Full Version : Team Losi LST ! ?

07-10-2004, 10:39 PM
How hard will it be to find a LST. Because the local hobbyshop (Danseys) (http://www.danseys.com) has one. If it is going to be anything like finding a Revo, it will be gone quick! Thought I would let everyone know if you are looking for one! :) Maybe I should go buy and sell it on eBay and make some cash if it will be hard to find! :D :D :D

07-10-2004, 11:12 PM
hard to say,

But I do know that they have a few for $600 with free shipping on ebay that have been there a couple days, so I dont think there is too much money to be made on them. At least for now,

I really want one, but am making myself wait just a little bit so I can see one in action. It is so hard to hold off right now... ;) -c666187 :eek: