View Full Version : what is your AM channel approx. range

08-08-2004, 02:43 AM
Just curious what your approx. AM radio range is? I've noticed mine which is 75mhz channel 86, the range is about 100-120 feet one way unobstructed view.

I've noticed that at about the 90 foot mark it really picks up interference.

I have no experience with fm but from what I remember somebody saying that FM has more range. Is this true?

I wish there was something we could use that would allow you to go to about 150'

Although it would be pretty hard to see at that range.



08-08-2004, 07:41 AM
I don't know how far they reach but I have had mine out at least 150'. I couldn't tell whether it was picking up interference though. I was too busy chasing this guy in his car down the street.

08-10-2004, 07:31 AM

The AM range could change a lot depending of the type of TX and RX (so far I never seen differences amongs quartz).

As well the location and the position of the TX and RX play a role ... if the RX is in the air, some meters over the ground ... it will helps ... and as well if the TX is located in a high position ...

So far my best AM TX/RX from ground to ground configuration have been capabale to be as far as I could see in a decent way the car !

I have also a AM 3CH 27Mhz TX/RX for airplane ... this has been tested with air range well over 500 meters (I don't want to experience to be out of control with and airplane ... so I don't know how far it can go).

Clearly there are around "cheap" TX and RX, that could even limited the range to just 10-20 meters .... as well if th antenna is not straight and position in a vertical direction the range specially for AM could suffer a lot !

When you are in a crowd radio enviroment (and RC racing event for example) then a AM set up could potentially suffer more then a FM, having even a vary short range.

Finally for for the FM world, there have the double sintetizer (the use both the primary TX wave, and as well the secondary wave) this will make the radius range little bit bigger, and can garanty a far higher quality signal detection (expecially in a crowd situation).
Mainly the new generation of these RX are designed for Airplane ... but nothing avoid to use then also in the car ... (but better verify the default setting since a 0 signal case in a air RX leads to different servo signal, that could lead that you get half power and full left or full right in the car setting ... something that is better to avoid !)