View Full Version : Replacing 7.5 Sports... With ...?

08-27-2004, 05:00 PM
I've run my Inferno 7.5 Sports for a year and as this was my first offroad buggy, it has been an "experience", both for me and the buggy...! :) Bent shock pistons, bent hingepins, bent shock towers, bent dog-bones broken main spurs / diff gears etc...

I'd like to replace it with something which is sturdy enough (i.e. >= 3.5mm pistons etc...) and is raceable as that's what I intend to get into... I dislike the idea of getting a new one and then have to fork out with a few more 100 for CVD's, turnbuckles, etc, which I'd rather like to have included from the start.

I don't need engine nor electronics as I've got KO radio gear and plan to get a P5 as a power plant.

Local parts support seem best for Kyosho and HoBao, but Mugen also have a decent precence. I'm sort of interested in the XB8 as the "all options included" policy appeals to me.

Hobao; The Hyper7 seem like a decent car but there are so many versions of it and I don't know what kind of quality / durability the parts have... Pro, PCR versions, pillowball/C-hub... ? Better than my sports I take for granted, but when compared to a Kanai2 for instance?

Kyosho; Biggest brand over here, nice cars but really expensive. Perhaps a Kanai2/3 while on sale (can reuse some of my old spareparts i guess) or the newer 777 Sp1?

Mugen; I don't know so much about it apart from the most obvious stuff though. Comparable to the K cars in quality terms i've heard but seem to me that the basic kit has a better standard that the "basic" Kyosho cars

XRay; Haven't read much about how it actually performs yet but XRay quality I suppose. A bit scary buying something which is not field proven yet though..

Any feedback?