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09-04-2000, 05:28 AM
Hi ,
I recently bought an old Kyosho viper and I want to start upgrading it . I was wondering what speed control / motor / prop combination to use ( I ' m currently using 2000 and 2400 cells ) to get it going as fast as possible without severely reducing Runtimes
Any help would be much appreciated .
Thanks , Haydn .

09-04-2000, 05:28 PM
It will be hard to find different props for the viper . The only ones that fit are Octuras and they are usually too big or too high a pitch to help any .

I use the stock props for everything .

As for the ESC I use any good forward ESC , but make sure it isn ' t reversible and if it is turn it off . If you hit reverse in that boat it could swamp easily . I learned that from experience .

Any good batteries will of course work .

As for the motor I wouldn ' t recommend going lower than 17 turns . Any lower than that and the runtime will be like 3 minutes .

I run a Firehawk and it gives about 5 minutes with 1500 cells .

BTW the handling improves greatly if you use saddle packs and mount them on opposite sides of the drive motor .

Also use some thick silicon grease and fill the prop shaft tube before inserting the steel prop shaft . It will reduce friction , and glitching . That steel rubbing on the brass tube causes big time glitching , and thin oils only last a few runs . I use Radio Shack Lube Gel w / teflon and it usually lasts 20 to 30 runs before I need to regrease .

For handling try to move the motor farther back to drop the prop lower in the water to avoid too much cavatation . I also moved the rudder back 1 / 2 " on the boat by using sealed plywood plates to give it better steering and I made my own water cooler from brass tube and Radio Shack heat sinks .

It ' s a fun and almost unbreakable boat .

09-04-2000, 07:23 PM
I can't add anything to the above suggestions (sounds like hpiguy has some experience with the ol' Viper), but I will say that there's a pretty active boat-oriented board at www.rumrunnerracing.com. (http://www.rumrunnerracing.com.) A lot of the guys from RCBM (RCCA's Sister Magazine devoted to boats) hang out there and are happy to help with questions like yours.

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