View Full Version : Nstampede vs Nrusler

09-08-2000, 10:16 AM
I live in the nevada/arizona desert and im wondering which one is better, more durable, hop-ups, etc....????? Thanks

09-08-2000, 10:18 AM
Oh ya I decided not to get the monster pirate because it would be my second nitro and my LHS has pretty much all traxxas stuff.

09-08-2000, 10:37 AM
both are good trucks but the stampede will be able to go places the rustler can't just because of ground clearnce. I had one and never found a hill i couldn't climb and it jumped great as for speed in box stock RTR fourm it could out run a box stock rs4 RTR. my vote would be for the stampede or you might want to take a look at the T-maxx also.

09-08-2000, 07:00 PM
Is the TRX pro .15 engine any good?

09-08-2000, 11:07 PM
I never had any real problems with both of mine. My Nitro 4-Tec and Nitro Rustler run great. Just break in the engine right and make sure you have a fully charged battery when you use the EZ Start and have fun!!!! By the way, I use Duratrax Red Alert in my Nitro 4-Tec and it seems to run cooler with it. Blue Thunder 20% in my Rustler makes the thing absolutely fly!!

09-09-2000, 08:14 PM
Thanks for the info, later.