View Full Version : Info about mrc nitro thunder king

06-08-2000, 06:45 PM
I am thinking of getting this truck or a 1/8 buggie instead of a nitro touring, but I dont have any info it except the review in rcca.

06-09-2000, 08:43 AM
Those are two very different vehicles. Tell us what you want to do with it (i.e. race, backyard, parking lot, etc.), and it will make it easier to make a recommedation.

06-09-2000, 05:39 PM
It would be mainly for onroad because I have my T-maxx for offroad.
My biggest problem is I dont know if I should get an other offroad car because Im worried that I will be using my new rc instead of my T-maxx because the new one would just be my new toy. I dont know if have 2 offroad cars is overkill.

06-13-2000, 02:52 AM
well here's my two sense buy the RS4 nitro MT
from hpi that way you can by the on road tires for the electric and just run them on the nitro or get the on road conversion kit that hpi makes for the MT.


monster trucks


06-13-2000, 08:26 AM
If it's a play car, then I usually default to an off-road vehicle. Your can always run an off-roader on asphalt, but you can't run an on-roader in the dirt.

06-13-2000, 02:07 PM
I like the NMT but it breaks a lot of parts. The ofna pirate 10t is cool but I dont know how good it is. Also Wich is better
Still I want something that would be very fast and that would handle great. And the fact that there are no good nitro rally cars Im really thinking about the nitro 4-tec.