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06-13-2000, 10:50 PM
howdy folks..... got a few questions for ya....
1. i am getting about a 4-5 minute run time outta my rc10-b2 on 1500 mah cells (with stock reedy motor and gearing).... how much longer run time can i get by installing just wheel bearings... how much longer with a full bearing kit, and how much longer a run time can i get by using 3000 nimh cells??
2. can i charge 3000 cells with my dynamite mega 2 charger?
3. my charger does not detect a packs peak... but it has an output for my multimeter.. thing is though, that u have to unplug the charger to check the battery voltage... so what is the best way for me to determine when a pack peaks with this charger??
4. i have been looking at buying a new nitro rustler RTR... what is my expected run time on a tank of nitro??
5. if i buy that nitro rustler how much faster will it be than my rc10???
6. would a stock nitro rustler be worth trying to race in the future?? or would it need a ton of mods??
sorry if my questions sounded too newbie-ish..... LOL... i have been an rc buff for many years off and on... but this time i want to get into it more than i have before... thanks for any and all replies...

06-15-2000, 01:30 AM
1) Run time will be slightly increased but not much. Ball bearings is a wise investment. It will lengthen transmission life and involves less maintenance. Get ball bearings while you can. The plastic or metal bushings wear out the plastic part surrounding it. This will cost you even more money in the long run because you need to buy new replacement parts where the bushings had once worn out that part.

2) You can charge your 3000's cells with almost any charger. Most companies recommend that you charge at 3 amps or less for safe charging.

3) The next best way to see if packs have peaked is to touch them. If they feel slightly warm, they're done. If they feel hot, disconnect it right away.

4) Depending on what fuel you use, driving style, and needle settings, you can get about 4-8 minutes of run time.

5) A box-stock Nitro Rustler probably goes about 30-35MPH.

6) As the saying goes, "The car is only as good as the driver." If you're looking to save money, buying a stock kit and upgrading with options later is not cost-effective. You would be better off buying a "Pro" kit since it includes all the hop-ups already. With the right hop-ups, a Nitro Rustler can be competitive.


06-15-2000, 08:43 AM
5)Traxxas claims 38 mph out of box

06-16-2000, 01:02 AM
I could probably make the Nitro Rustler go 40+ MPH if I wanted to...

38MPH is what Traxxas claims. Heck, I can make it go 40+ MPH if I used 35% nitro and run it on lean setting. Yeah, it will wear out the engine quicker but I can do it.

Most nitro owners usually run 15%-25% nitro fuel. Given that scenario and running the engine on rich setting, the average speed will be about 30MPH-35MPH.


06-16-2000, 11:57 AM
So you think that Traxxas and their great customer support are being dishonest in giving that speed measurement? From what people say about Traxxas Traxxas would never try to pull the wool over their customers eyes.
I was thinking about getting a 4-tec they say it goes over 50 but if what you are saying is true then it probably only goes 40-45 without leaning to where damage is occuring.

06-16-2000, 02:27 PM
Traxxas usually understates the top speed of their vehicles to make sure they can't possibly be wrong.
Also Traxxas is making a NR 0ne which is a fully hopped-up Nitro Rustler, it includes full ball bearings,a high-torque servo,chrome wheels,aluminum tuned pipe,and a five-color paint job on the body!!
I recomend waiting for this truck.

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06-16-2000, 04:36 PM
I have just heard that Traxxas isn't going to release the NR One!! http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/frown.gif
Too bad I was really looking forward to it.

06-16-2000, 09:39 PM
i am not really concerned with the top speed of the rustler... but more with its acceleration and usability of its power..... i practice on a small track confined within a 30' by 70' area, inside of an old barn. i have one triple on this track that i overbuilt and simply can't make with my rc-10... i am hoping that the nitro rustler might have enough performance to make it right over... (a 20' triple with a 10' run at it).... the rest of the track is covered with whoops, rythem sections, step-ups, and doubles.... so i never really ever come close to top speed... but getting good accerleration out of the corners, and finding traction on a bumpy surface is very important to me....
seeing as how rc car racing is my second hobby.. (racing 125 and 250 B motocross in ama d-18 is my first.. LOL) i dont want to blow a bunch of money on a full race model quite yet... i would rather get my feet wet with nitro first (literally speaking.. LOL) ... so thats why i am looking at the nitro rustler rtr....
thanks for the responces guys.. and keep'em coming.....

06-16-2000, 09:59 PM
The rc10gt rtr is pretty much a full race model and its cheaper then the rustler.
But the rustler is cool, my neighbors is so fast.

06-17-2000, 12:00 AM
Let me get this straigt you want to jump 20 Feet with only a 10 foot start on a bumpy surface. I think thats going to be pretty hard to do with any buggy/truck. If you are running a modified RC10 that should have the best acceleration(otherthan an onroad car) better than a nrustler I believe.

06-17-2000, 01:17 AM
a buddy of mine has a losi triple XT with a pretty hot modified motor... and he can clear it about half the time...... i know a lot of it is the driver... but he comes up way short with my rc 10 with a stock engine...

06-18-2000, 02:36 AM
you should get the T3 and get the factory team stuff (not all of it just a few key parts). Then since you've made it light as a feather get a more torqy motor like a 10T double (that's what I run in my Z-10 pro). That way you can take those jumps and maintain a high speed. Specifically, I suggest the speed gems 10T double that's torqy enough for my 4WD on-road so there should be no problems with getting power to the ground.


monster trucks


06-18-2000, 09:07 PM
Get a T3 if you want electric. But if you want gas (better than electric i think) get a Factory Team GT. Great car. When you put it together (all 280 some parts) it will ready to challenge some racers (Brain Kinwald) and beat their trucks (Losi NXT and soon Losi Triple X-NT). But that is just me.

Support me with my quest to make a readers trash test. I have $0 and i need over $500 (with radio and stuff), got a job, but will like some donations *cough* RCCA *cough*. Donate money, servos, Factory Team GT's, M8, and stuff like that. Thanks

I'm offering free car washes to clean off the dirt from your cars that are getting from being behind my GT.

06-20-2000, 12:14 AM
well i am going to get a gas truck for sure.... either a rc10gt or a nitro rustler...
the reason i am going to gas it to get away from 5 minute run times really..... as i have read, the gas trucks only go for a few minutes more.... but i am tired of having batteries dump just when i am starting to have fun!!! LOL...
never having a gas vehicle before i will try to write up a lil report from a real newbie prosective... then i have even been thinking about road tripping to kansas city for my first race.... on the week of july 4th... if i do... i will also try to do a little write up....