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09-14-2000, 09:53 AM
I recently bought a new 11t stratos motor, when i put it in my truck it had about 2 minutes of good run time. Some people tell me i over heated it, but it wasn't geared that high, a 22t pinion and 90t spur. I thought maybe i broke it in wrong, whats the best method?

I R Racer
09-14-2000, 04:03 PM
You aren't going to get much run time with an 11 turn motor. What kind of batteries are you using? You would be hard pressed to get 4-5 minutes out of a good pack of 2000mah batteries geared as high as you are. That might be your problem.

09-14-2000, 05:39 PM
Did you put that motor in a Rustler and is it really fast. I was thinking of getting a stratos motor.

I like my R/C trucks fast dont you?

09-15-2000, 04:13 PM

09-16-2000, 12:22 AM
Dan (RustlerGuy)...you are really stupid. Me and Ernie already told you that you burned out the motor. The pinion was rubbing the motor can and the gear mesh was set wrong. Oh yeah...by the way...put some shock oil in your shocks! Peace out Danny Boy


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