View Full Version : funrun forecast?

03-13-2005, 01:04 PM
whats the deal with this years funrun? where and when...

Ron Olson
03-15-2005, 10:31 PM
Ya talkin' to me? :D I was just going to post it. The Kalamazoo Fun Run is going to be on May 28th this year, I just got it confirmed today. It'll be a rough day to hold it as it's on Memorial Day weekend with the traffic that some will have to go through getting here. Hopefully you and your dad can make it up here again. Mark Scott is coming up from Kentucky, Don Templeton from Indy and who knows who else right now. That's a lot of travelling for a day of just messin' around with boats but everyone is welcome to show up no matter what type of boat(s) that you have. I set up some buoys for a not quite legal race course. It's also a little earlier this year as to try to avoid the weed problems that we had last year.
If anyone is interested in showing up, I can give you personal directions to the lake.
Yes, it's a lake but the boat launch is terrible so it's rare to see more than one full-sized boat on it. We have grills so if you want to bring something to cook otherwise the usual fast-food joints are close to the lake.