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06-26-2000, 12:48 AM
I am considering of replacing my Kyosho GP Spider MKII's servo saver. Although the car has not even seen past 1Litre of fuel (after break in) its getting annoyingly sloppy (haven't crashed yet! http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/biggrin.gif)

Can anyone recommend a better servo saver for the GP Spider MKII? Its annoying to get the car to go straight.

I practically fully optioned the car already - but have not seen past 1L fuel - amazing I say......

Must concentrate on driving skills now..... Oh so baaad... :P

06-26-2000, 09:15 AM
If you dont have it already, you should be running the heaviest spring available for the servo saver. If my memory serves me, the kit includes a light or medium tension spring at best. Kyosho has an optional spring that is gold colored (part no. 39735) that should do the job.