View Full Version : Steve! There is no spring in GP Spider servo saver

06-26-2000, 07:01 PM
Hi Steve,

I am not quite sure what you mean by the spring but the servo saver that I meant is the front servo saver which the steering linkage is connected to. There is no spring within the front servo setup - only the throttle.

When I play around with the front wheels, there is a fair bit of slop before the servo's turn (standard servos). I only need to apply a small amount of force to get the plastic bit to move before the servo start to move. I gather its the plastic 90 degrees thingy that is too soft - this IS called a servo saver isn't it?

Thanks. http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

06-26-2000, 07:31 PM
My mistake - I was assuming you're running the WCE car. If it's not the WCE, then the servo saver doesn't even have the tension spring. Order the part number I gave you on the other thread. It's a coiled spring that wraps around the stock servo saver to make it stronger.

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