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06-27-2000, 09:30 AM
Is it "legal" to drive your buggy in a public park?? Mall parking lots?? Other public places??

What has been your guys experiences when driving in public places??



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06-27-2000, 01:04 PM
If they don't tell you to stop or anything thing it is perfectly legal. But once they tell you have to stop or they'll call the cops.


Grant Tokumi
06-27-2000, 04:06 PM
I don ' t know the legal part of this question , but my feeling is as long as you are courteous , keep a low profile ( not making a lot of noise , not blocking parking stalls if the parking lot is busy , etc ), and not destroy property , then I think you shouldn ' t have a problem . We used to play around in some public places late at night , and once in a while parking security guards would come out and watch . But if they say to leave , I would obey them .

However , during some of my late night rc outings , we did try to avoid authorities . There was a huge round fountain in my local university with a road circling it . The fountain was kind of hourglass shaped with a shallow pool on top that would spill over to the lower pool . We used to climb into the upper pool which was around 5 feet above the ground ( the fountain was not running ), standing in knee deep water , and race our cars around the circular road around the fountain . We had perfect views of the car at all times since we were elevated , and we would just go around and around all night long . It was fun but I don ' t think security guards would like us standing in the middle of the fountain like that .

Anyways , just thought I ' d share that story . Again , as long as you are courteous and keep a low profile , no one should bother you .

Grant Tokumi
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Simon SuperHornet
06-28-2000, 02:33 AM
Some of the best city racing can be done in these sorts of places , funny enough . We currently use a school carpark on the weekends , we asked the school for permission and they were only too happy to have us there keeping an eye on the school as most of our group are Adults with children attending the school itself . You can set up awsom tracks using plain rock climbers rope , we used sections as jumps and we have a ball http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/smile.gif