View Full Version : MIP CVD ' s for the Nitro Rustler

06-29-2000, 11:39 PM
Has anyone besides me had a problem with the MIP CVD ' s for the Traxxas Nitro Rustler ? The output cups on mine have come off time and time again , even though I put thread lock on the setscrews . I think maybe the guy at my local hobby shop gave me the wrong ones .

06-30-2000, 09:19 AM
With the outdrive cup off try screwing the set - screw in all the way to check if the hole is fully threaded . I ' ve seen holes that are only partially threaded which prevents the screw from grabbing the outdrive shaft .

If that doesn ' t fix the problem , try scuffing the flat part of the outdrive shaft with a rough file . The set - screw should grab the rough metal .

06-30-2000, 02:10 PM
Thanks , Greg , I ' ll try that .