View Full Version : How do 2 speed trannys work ??????

07-03-2000, 10:35 PM
I understand what they do do but how does it actually shift the gears ??

07-04-2000, 07:44 PM
pressure on springs er somthin

07-05-2000, 09:33 AM
There are two types of two speeds . A finger type and a clutch type . As the car speeds up the weight of the clutch or finger increases because of centrifugal forces . A spring keeps them closed at slower speeds . Anyway when it reaches a certain speed the finger slides out of its housing and hits a pin that engages the second gear . Or the clutch shoes expand and grab second gears housing . That ' s basically how they work .

07-05-2000, 08:57 PM
Thanks ive always wondered how those things work .

07-07-2000, 12:11 AM
Remember that with a plate and pin type two speed , it ' s not the plate that catches the pin , it ' s the pin that catches the plate ! The second speed gear that carries the pin is travelling faster than the transmission shaft when first gear is engaged , so the pin engages the edge of the plate when it slides out of its carrier , and that speeds the transmission shaft up to the speed of the second gear .

Lots of guys forget this and assemble the plate holder the wrong way round on th shaft , then the transmission never shifts !