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07-04-2000, 08:57 PM
Hey everyone , i ' m new to the forum , and just got back into the RC seen recently after about a years absence . I bought a Tamiya Juggernaut and i ' m totally NOT satisfied with the power at all , i wanted to go modified , but mod motors are a pain in the ars , and right now i don ' t feel like dropping money on a comm lathe . I remember reading a while back in RC Car Action about brushless motors . I can ' t remember the company , or anything else , other than it was used on a RCCA project car ( monster truck , i think it was based on a clodzilla IV chassy with a purple F - 150 body ) that used these brushless motors . the motors came with their own speed control and were direct drop in replacements to regular RC Car motors . I also believe they were based out of Agoura Hills California ( although , i ' m not completely sure ). If you know the name of the company please post it , along with any other info you might have ( website ? phone number ? address ?). Thanks in advance for all your help anybody . OH , and by the way , I would like it if any of you have experience with these motors , please share .

thanx a lot ,

Amir AKA BigBadJug

07-05-2000, 12:01 AM
The company you are looking for is called Aveox ( not sure of spelling ) I don ' t have any other info sorry .

07-07-2000, 12:38 AM
aveox was the last company to build brushless motors , very costly and hard to work with but knew a drag racer who did get them to work after soending lots of time and $$$$$$$ good luck JW