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05-28-2001, 10:00 PM
this movie looks SOOOOOOO cool!!! it's a lllooonnnggg wait until June 22 though. it'll be worth the wait.

old phart
05-28-2001, 10:37 PM
It's probably gonna be a dog. But then I don't go for the import scene.

05-29-2001, 01:06 AM
I'm not going to the movie to watch it... however, I'm going to cruise all the local theaters to take pics of what will turn up in the parking lot. I think beaterz.com will be getting a LOT of submissions that day :p

The Local PD in my town is already planning to have speed traps and extra units on the street the first two nights of this movie. I wish them luck :D

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05-29-2001, 02:37 PM
Alternate title: The Walking Pace and The Mildly Perturbed. GO SEE DRIVEN!!!!!!!

Throtl Hapie
05-29-2001, 03:52 PM
LOL Gokuo! That wil be so true in my area as well. Those rice boys are all show, no go.

05-29-2001, 04:06 PM
Thats all we need. yet another movie to motive the young and the stupid to plaster themselves and innocent people all over the road. YOu gotta love hollywood. <g>

05-29-2001, 04:07 PM
btw throtle hapie. what does "Those rice Boys" mean??

Throtl Hapie
05-29-2001, 05:06 PM
A rice boy is someone who drivers a ricer.
Example: A ricer (also called rice-burner) is something like a Toyota Camry, has excessive camber due to cut springs (the rice boy intended to lower the car), a 5 inch fart tip, huge rims, an V-Tec stickers somewhere on it. Sometimes you may also see type-r stickers on it (not always a Toyota). Another common thing is painting the windshield wipers, having a large sticker covering 1/4 of the windshield, huge useless wing, and yellow stickers/stripes. Remember, according to rice boys, stickers improve performance. Like an NOS sticker means that the car is faster because it is supposed to have some "laughing gas" (Nitrous Oxide)

you can learn more at www.riceboypage.com (http://www.riceboypage.com) and www.beaterz.com (http://www.beaterz.com)

05-29-2001, 05:12 PM
I have no problem with the fast import guys-- one of my co-workers drive a stock-looking 2000 Integra with a Greddy turbo kit. It's a sweet little car. On the other hand, 99.999% of the guys in my town with "modified" imports have ugly wheels/tires, wings, body kits, outrageous paint jobs, dyed interiors, a 5" tach on the dash, HUGE buzzing exhaust, etc. But, they leave the engines STOCK. Or they like to think a cold air intake and colored sparkplug wires make them fast. They are all show (if you can call it show, I think they're hideously ugly) and no go. Plus, they all drive like they are invincible without respect or caution for anyone else on the road-- THAT is what ticks me off the most, and this movie should lead to lots of these guys driving recklessly upon leaving the theater.

05-29-2001, 05:14 PM
well the tearm ricer means rice rocket well if u know aisan people u know how they like to eat rice??? well they also put nos fuel in em. giving them the name rice rockets. man i wish they would take those cars back to thier country :rolleyes:

05-29-2001, 06:45 PM
excuse me boys... but when you have a front wheel drive car doing 8 seconds on the 1/4 mile you let me no... until then... i don't wanna say anything mean... i like all of you guys.

but Throtl Hapie... a type-R in a civic hatchback will roach any camaro, mustang, and corvette... V8s :rolleyes:

and all of you guys out there who think that import guys are reckless... don't worry about me... i understand the risk of putting other drivers in danger.

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Throtl Hapie
05-29-2001, 06:57 PM
I was making fun of rice boys, I certainly don't think highly of a civic type-r. What I said was that people will put incorrect badging and stickers on their cars, I've seen V-Tec stickers on Toyotas, yet Toyotas don't have V-Tec. That's my point.

05-29-2001, 07:17 PM
bullfrog... are you saying that Supras should be sent back to Japan??? hmmm... because twin turbos kill mustangs... or maybe you don't like mustangs. so i'm not gonna make any judgements cuz i don't know what you like and don't. maybe you like ferrari F355s or something of the sort.

man i wish skylines were legal in ALL of the US... not just California.

Throtl Hapie
05-29-2001, 07:33 PM
There is nothing wrong with a Ferrari 355, one of the greatest sports cars ever, and one of the greatest Ferraris ever. Period.

Anyway. Supras are exceptional cars, So are the Skylines, the NSX, the Lancer, the WRX, and other import cars (well, the Lancer isn't imported, unles you count my Tamiya :D)
However, some cars just weren't made to be fast, some, however, are made fast, while the majority are simply all show, and no go.

05-29-2001, 07:44 PM
or you could go with a older rx7 with a wankle rotery engine they go fast for a little beater if they dont wear the engine out first... personaly i like ford lightnings for a vehical ferrais are fun but very expensive when you think 250 thousand dollar car plus the 8 thousand per 30 thousand km and a lot dont have rust protection OUCH

05-29-2001, 09:24 PM
that's what i was getting to... ferrari F355s are good... i like the droptop myself :D i LOVE skylines, nsx's, and lancers... but i thought lancers are imported... i think mitsubishi is bringing them over in '02. :)

Throtl Hapie
05-29-2001, 10:13 PM
A Ferrari is expensive because:
The materials: Aluminum (aluminum is expensive to work with for bodies, chassis, engline block), carbon fiber (bodies, panels) , titanium (cam shafts, lobes, et cetera), and magnesium (wheels)
Not many are made: If a car is rare, it will usually be worth/cost a lot.

Finally: The name! DUH! :D

05-29-2001, 10:29 PM
of course but ferrai does over charge for brake pads with ferrai name on them 200 bucks per wheel for the same one exactly 100% the same 120 per wheel personal my faveroit out of all cars only cars is the ford rs200 a 4 cylinder that puts out 450 hp thats nice 4 wheel drive too its perfect but since theres only 200 built almost imposable to find it has a mid mounted cosworth engine as in cosworth that makes indy car engines it also has a hewland transaxel and a funky little ghia styled body i love this car someday i will find and buy one

05-29-2001, 10:38 PM

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05-29-2001, 11:00 PM
they are a good value and you can use them all the time a fancy sports car that cost you 200 grand you would never drive in the rain a honda anyday is good rain snow what ever but you know a viper is probly the best value out there about 50 grand gets you ferrai quality and alot less very expensive maintance like a ferrai you wont even change the oil in the car your self i like to work on car rc and full scale its half the fun

05-29-2001, 11:27 PM
I'll probably be getting a Subaru WRX this summer for a daily driver... My El Camino and Chevelle both have fully detailed undercarriges and it takes me ~4 hours to clean them up after driving in the rain. So, usually on rainy days I steal my mom's car :D Can't do that anymore, so I need a new car. I was going to get a Camaro SS, but then I called the insurance company :rolleyes: The scoobie's are neat little cars with great performance potential (chip + exhaust + minor turbo tweaks = ~350hp and AWD to boot) plus my insurance company considers them to be sedans, which means the insurance is less than half of what it would cost to insure a new SS Camaro. Plus I like the idea of doing AWD drifts around every turn in the rain :D I for one won't be putting a body kit on it, decals, or any of that other stuff. All my money is going into performance mods.

BTW bryceums: Vipers are nice cars (my boss owns 3) but they are NOWHERE even close to the quality of a Ferrari as you said they are. They are awesome cars, especially considering the price, but they don't reek of quality like the Exotics do. The dashes on Vipers look and feel like they came out of a $20,000 Dodge Stratus, plus panel fit and finish isn't perfect. However they do go fast, and handle well, and they're an amazing bargain for $70K.

As for Ferraris: I beg to differ with you again. We used to own a 1979 Ferrari 308GTB, and did all the work on it ourselves. Clutch work, gearbox work, installed a Norwood Twin Turbo kit, brakes, suspension work, carb work, and yes, oil changes. If you take it to the dealer... ouch! $125+ an hour for labor, plus expensive parts, and that was 8 years ago. Ferrari shop rates are probably at least $200/hr by now. Did you know that all new Ferrari's require a special synthetic oil, available only at Ferrari dealers, and it's $17.50 a quart? And to top it off, every new Ferrari uses a dry-sump lubrication design and needs 12+ quarts of oil, depending on the model. That's a lot of moola just for oil! I doubt you could work on the new Ferraris as much as we did on our '79, simply because of modern ECUs and OBD-II and the expensive equipment you need to diagnose modern electronic engine controls. However I guarantee you could still do oil/clutch/brakes yourself. But then again, how many Ferrari owners work on their cars themselves? I think my dad and I were one of the few who did. Heck, most people in the Ferrari club were astonished when we told them we adjusted the valves by ourselves. Sure it requires a special tool, but it was easy! Check clearance with feeler gauge, put in proper shim on top of valve bucket. Easy as pie!

Still, I wouldn't mind having a Viper though... My boss's just bought a 93 RT-10 with 50,000 miles. He got it for $29,500. That's only 3 grand more than a WRX is new! Maybe I'll have to reconsider the scoobie... :D

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05-29-2001, 11:36 PM
sorry i guess i didnt explain what i meant i mean that they go just as fast as each other and turn just as many heads alot is the same to the people you pass i know about ferrais and they require special treatment as thats what i said but you can pick up a new viper for 50k my friends dad got one for 65k canadian but the way gas prices are your better off the wrx those i like they look nice and they are 4wheel drive of course and hold more people than the 2 seater viper i know lots of people with nice cars how many can say they laided some rubber with RUF 911 porshe

old phart
05-29-2001, 11:42 PM
A subie WRX is badd ash and it is the one Japanese sedan I could dig owning.

Any prancing horse could reside in my garage, although the 275GTB is my all time fav. Screw the 17.50 qt oil, Mobil 1 or nothing baby! And yes it would be wrenched on by me. I have run across the Ferrari club a couple of times........ I wonder if some of those dudes even wash their own car.

A Viper GTS Coupe will be a car I own before I die.

05-30-2001, 12:21 AM
Old phart: I believe the required oil IS a special blend of Mobil-1 (according to Ferrari); All I know is that it HAS to be used, meaning oil changes at the dealership or your forefit the factory warranty :( Trust me, you DON'T want to void the warranty on your new F360. If something goes wrong on a Ferrari it usually is big bucks to fix. Might as well shell out for the oil changes at the dealership until the warranty expires, then go put the Mobil-1 in yourself :D

My new engine is getting nothing but Mobil-1 after I break it in (can't break in on synthetics you know...) it's either that or Royal Purple; I'm inclined to go with the Mobil-1 because time has proven it to be excellent. A lot of racers are getting best results now with Royal Purple but it's a relatively new product and engine longevity hasn't really been proven yet.

As for you observation on the Ferrari club... speaking from experience, my dad and I were one of two in our particular regional club who wrenched on our cars ourselves. The other 99% of them took it to the dealer for every little thing, including cleaning / polishing /waxing. They were all great guys, but I personally believe if you don't even have the will to maintain the car, you don't deserve to be driving it :D Even if they didn't have the know-how, they could learn. Almost all of them only drove them-- all maintenance was done by the dealer or a certified garage. Mildly annoying. I saw quite a few Ferraris get stacked up at open track days at Thunder Hill, Laguna, Sears Point, and Riverside (I do miss Riverside...) because they didn't know how to drive. Oh well. It's their money and their cars, but it's ashame the cars got destroyed because their egos didn't let them drive within their skill. Somewhere I have pics of an F-50 that got stacked up because the guy had no clue how to drive, and he turned down free lessons from an instructor. He thought he could handle it. The car was ONE DAY OLD. He went into a turn at 130, when the fastest guys were taking it at about 70. I'll see if I can find the pics later tonight and post them. Sickening.

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Throtl Hapie
05-30-2001, 03:38 PM
Bryceums, no offense, but do you come with a translator? I have no idea what you are trying to say half the time. And as for Vipers, be careful with them, they are MAJOR lemons like most Ferraris as well. Especially the convertibles (RT/10), which leak water easily in the rain. As well as the engines which have oil leaks as well. The car can literally fall apart, as panels come of (inside and out).

05-30-2001, 03:50 PM
Vipers also like to pop head gaskets and hoses if you hold them at high speed...

The majority of them are put together pretty well and don't have problems. My boss hasn't had problems with any of his 3. None of them leak a drop of oil, either. But he could always be the exception. Other guys in the local Viper club always seem to be chasing down little electrical gremlins and other little engine problems. Still, it's a lot of car for the money.

Ferrari's also have their fair share of problems, which is kind of odd being that all of them are hand-assembled. Logic seems to say they would be perfect right out of the factory. However, they are quirky little cars. The problem is usually with the dealers though. Some are great, and some are amazingly dumb and/or shady (i.e. Walnut Creek Ferrari, the owner fled back to his home country for tax evasion and other stuff and took a lot of people's deposits and kept the cars that were there for service locked up). There never seems to be a middle road with the Ferrari dealerships and their techs. They're either great or stupid.

BTW, I found the pics of the wrecked F-50. Look HERE (http://www.jimdyerchevyclassics.com/stuff/F50Wreck/) only if you have a strong stomach. :(

05-30-2001, 06:15 PM
you can almost see that poor 500 thousand dollar car crying

old phart
05-30-2001, 07:05 PM
I recognize the track, Willow Springs. Well, the dweeb got what he deserved and I guess the silver lining in the cloud is there were F50 parts available with low miles :)

Head gaskets, hose clamps, all minor stuff. If you know it is a fleet failure it is easy to take care of before it happens to you.

What kind of car you drive ThrotlHapi?

Gokou, you are an interesting fellow. I snooped around your site a bit. ;)

05-30-2001, 07:36 PM
Hehe, thanks old phart. I'm just a young whippersnapper involved in this and that. (read: too many toys, not enough time for any of them) The site isn't mine, I'm just really good friends with the owner of said business. The website is one of my little side jobs and where I happen to keep lots of pics :) Speaking of the website, I was supposed to have the 2001 edition up and running for him 3 weeks ago... darn senior project always getting in the way :D

Good eye on naming the track, too! Last I heard, what was left of the car was getting shipped back to Modena-- I don't know if it was resurrected or used for parts. It was an open track day for customers of Beverly Hills Ferrari, a party of sorts for the introduction of the 360. The guy who owned the F-50 certainly had a surprise that day. :(

Throtl Hapie
05-30-2001, 09:36 PM
I don't have a car, I can't afford one yet, maybe this summer. (I'm 17)