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08-21-2000, 01:21 PM
ok... u see in magazines, all these RTR nitro cars and trucks.... and all the magazine guys are gleaming about how easy it is to use these RTR nitro cars, and how much they have come along... well thats really a good thing.... but what about electric? it seems to be going the exact opposite way!?! they're not getting easier, but harder... now charging batteries has become rocket science, and a good setup is the difference between winning and losing! i love my electric car.. but i think too many newbies will be turning away from electric now... how bout makin some easier to run, but still competative cars for the newbies (electric)... am i the only one who feels this way?

08-21-2000, 05:37 PM
nomatter what they say about the new ready to run nitros ele. is still easier to deal with tunning those little nitro engines can be a big pain get your car running just right at home then go to the track the next day and it won't stay running for a whole race. the elec. is still easier to deal with and you don't need the newist 3000 mha nimh batt's to race competitvley you can still run 2000's heck i have still won some races running 1200's. to check this out look in the last issue of RCCA at the hpi challange 10 elec. started 9 finnished 10 nitro started 5 finnished plus the elec. had much better laptimes the elec. ran for 5 min the winnier turned 25 laps. the nitro ran 10 min so they should have been atleast the 50 lap range to even be with the elec. but the winner there only turned 41 laps. nitro are fine for playing were the extra runtime will be cool and if it doesn't stay running you don't loose but for racing elec. is the way to go.

08-21-2000, 10:51 PM
i know what ur sayin.... and yes i know electric is good.. (heck i race electric), and yes i still use my pirhana 1400 pack ocasionally.... i dunno... it just seems weird.... seems like there's too much technology too quick for electric, making it harder to run... while gas is going opposite...

08-22-2000, 12:20 AM
OldtimeRCr, I disagree with your statement that "electric is better for racing." I'm not saying that one might be "better" than another; however, I'd love to see the IFMARs switch their electric 2wd & 4wd championships to 60 minute A-Mains!! You just can't do that with electric. Your point for the laps/times at the HPI is well taken; however, that will not always be the rule for larger tracks! Plus, you're not taking into account time for a pit-stop to refuel! Factor in the time for a BATTERY change in an electric car after 5 minutes of running, and your electric 25 lapper never turns a 50 lap/10 minute pace. Nitro & electric both have different strong points.

Nitro racing's appeal to many is the fact that pit stops are an integral part of the race itself! That adds excitement, and the idea of REFUELING your car for another 5 minutes of laps is like nothing electric can offer. If you haven't tried it, may I cheerfully suggest you do! http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/smile.gif

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08-22-2000, 06:39 PM
I won't touch the "which is better" debate, but I will say that Nitro is getting a lot of attention now because the SPORT segment of our hobby is finally flexing its buying muscle a little bit. In the past, most of the R&D being done for r/c cars has focused on the racing aspect ... and the Sport version was the same kit with bushings instead of bearings. Today we're seeing so many kits designed just FOR backyard fun.

Nitro and backyard bashing goes hand in hand, so this is a good fit.

What needs to happen to make Electric/Sport kits "fun" again is to:

a) Make battery maintenance less mysterious and/or less of a chore
b) Make motor maintenance less tedious and less mysterious
c) Lower the cost of the "high performance" motor/battery/esc combo to something a LOT less than the average nitro engine.

Right now, Nitro and Electric are about the same hassle, same price, and given the increased run time and (potential for) faster speeds, a lot of kids are going to be putting nitro stuff on their Christmas list.

But hey, this is all just my opinion. http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/smile.gif

Oh, you ate one too?

08-22-2000, 08:37 PM
StephenB i have raced gas cars and a pit stop to refule takes all of about 2 seconds not enough to euqal the lap diffrecnce at the HPI race. and elec. have also ran long endurance races on the big ovals they have quick cahnge battery setup's for pan cars.and again one of the big things there was that out of 10 that started only 5 finnished. thats what was really really funny. and if you want to race gas against elec. just say no refueling you get one tank of fuel i get one battery and lets see who wins.I have beaten many gas trucks with elec. over the years i also raced gas because when i moved to a new area thats all that was running they were the worst days i had ever had at a track spend more time tring to get it to run then you do racing.

08-23-2000, 12:02 AM
whats up with **** i read the other day that ur sapossed to cut ur comm after every-run? thats not too easy for begginers either. i think its better to have chargers and stuff where u have to know what ur doing cuz it would be unfair that some rich kid could go out and buy the best car and win but it wouldnt matter these days becuz its all about knowledge and driving skills.

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08-23-2000, 10:01 AM
ou812.! that is exactly what i was trying to get at..... wow... thanks for sayin it...lol......

i think that nitro is almost becoming easier.... i know on race days, im spending all my free time in between races cleaning out my motor, changing brushes, babysitting batteries, etc. etc.... while my friend with the gas car just blows out his car with the air compresser, and is ready for another round!... talk about easy...

i know that race day isn't the only time that work is done... and with gas comes engine rebuilds, tuning, and lots of cleaning.... but that is changing too... engines are becoming a LOT more reliable, and user friendly for tuning...

now i think electric needs to go the same route.... how bout some better batteries (not necessarily capacity wise)... but something more durable... but with as good of voltage etc. as race packs.. i think too much research is being done for the capacity of cells, but not enough in other aspects.... lets get some 3000 cells that can be charged at 7 amps....(safely)... i don't think batteries will ever be as easy as pouring in some gas and going, but they could at least come a bit closer.....

08-23-2000, 11:39 AM
Oldtime, I'm not going to get into the "one is better than the other" debate. It's obvious you like electric more than gas; I've raced both and enjoy both, but find nitro more exciting and more of a challenge. That's why I race it.

It's too bad you spent more time working on getting your nitro car to run than racing it...patience is a virtue however http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/wink.gif Taking the time to learn what works and what doesn't, how to tune a nitro engine, and how to diagnose problems is (to me) part of the fun. It also allows you to spend LOADS more time racing than wrenching.

08-23-2000, 05:13 PM
hey FMX_Redth, ur talking about making some batteries that u can charge at 7 amps, i dont even know what that means! hell i use a radio shack charger, it works good and ive been useing it for 3 years lol!

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08-23-2000, 05:59 PM
LOL... pa..... if it works for u, hten great...lol.... just don't try charging NIMH's with that thing LMAO!!!