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07-13-2000, 01:56 PM
Hi ,
I was just curious if when I want to buy a new body for my Traxxas Rustler ( to customize and paint myself ) am I limited in the type I can buy ? Do I have to get another Rustler body ?
I realize you can ' t put a touring car body on the Traxxas chassis but am I limited otherwise ?
Thanks for your help !

( at work and itchin ' to go home and get R / C - ing )

07-13-2000, 03:28 PM
no your not limitied . you can buy another cheap flimsy traxxas body or got to pro - line and buy a good chevy silverado body or the trash ford ( ford = Found . On . Road . Dead ) i think andys has a body for it 2 .

i took a pan car body . from my older than dirt pan car made the wheel wells look like a buggy and cut off the top so it looks like a convertable it looks so wierd .

Hey if you can't run with the big doggs STAY ON THE PORCH!!!

What Did you say you think R/C is stupid wait till you arent looking and let me bash you in the leg with my nitro rustler!!!!

07-13-2000, 03:43 PM
i didnt know you had a pan car , aj . post some pics on your site ...
yea pro - line bodies are the best bodies ( in my opinion ) you might also want to get a team orion prepainted body at
www . team - orion . com


tony b
08-02-2000, 04:50 PM
just scanning some older posts and had to correct Mav. on this one...