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07-14-2000, 09:49 AM
Anyone know where I can get a comparision of the two and also can any one compare the two ?
What are the differences between belt and shaft 4wd ?? I like the hpi better but for the price I ' ve heard the tc3 has more goodies , any information ? please respond

07-14-2000, 10:16 AM
mshipley - I ' m not sure that the TC - 3 has more " stuff " than the HPI car . The HPI cars have been around for much longer , giving the aftermarket companies a much bigger head start than they ' ve have for the TC3 parts . Comparing the two cars is like splitting hairs but here ' s my opinion for what it ' s worth .

I like the TC3 for it ' s shaft drive . Claims of performance advantages vary , but I think the advantage is marginal . The greater advantage for me with the TC3 is the reduced maintenance . The shaft drive doesn ' t need nearly as much attention as a belt drive car with respect to durability or regular maintenance ( tension adjustment , picking pebbles from the pulley , etc .). There are other technical advantages to the TC3 as well , such as a lower CG , and proper Ackerman angle in the steering at any steering position .

The Pro2 is also a race - worthy car , it ' s just different . Yes , it has belts and therefore requires more maintenance , but it ' s still a strong car on the track . The Pro2 also enjoys a great deal of aftermarket support .

If you ' re going racing , I would give the TC3 a slight edge . But , driving skill outweighs any advantage you would ever get from buying one car or the other . Don ' t lament of your choice - either car will serve you well on the track . Parts support at the local hobby shop and practicing you driving skills are what ' s going to keep you on the track and in the winner ' s circle .

Hope this helps answer your question .

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07-14-2000, 02:37 PM
I have a TC3 Team and it literally kills HPI . I raced my TC3 against a Pro2 with a mod motor and my Reedy Rage Type R blew it away anywhere . It handles better and top speed it better . The TC3 is 190mm , and its a lot easier to build . TC4 ? thats a long way away , Pro 3 will probably be less competitive still . TC3 is a lot better and not you can trick it out all blue !!

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07-15-2000, 12:05 AM
Thanks steve , is the tc3 200 mm wide or be made to be that wide ? And also are the shocks as much of a pain in the butt as I ' ve heard ? I don ' t plan on bleeding my shocks for 10 hours ...

They are about the same price 10 bucks dif . so I ' m leaning towards the pro 2 though because I like the bodies , styling and also the features . But my main question is will it be competitive down the line , once the pro 3 and the tc4 are released . Thanks mike

07-16-2000, 12:13 AM
Hey , thanks for the replies , now can the tc3 accept the 200 mm bodies or is that a total impossibility ? Easier to build ? I don ' t care about dificulty I cna put together anything it ' s the 10 hours shock bleeding process I don ' t want to go through . Why can ' t they have normal shocks like on an offroad truck ? I ' ve heard basically the only dif . between the tc3 and the pro2 are the shaft drive and the setup on the chassis , so am I wrong ? Does hpi use two or three belts ? Thanks