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07-18-2000, 12:10 AM
im really new at battery technology. I just wondering if the rechargeable panasonic cell(1.2V) sold at the electrical shop can be used to power r/c car? It says there, DO NOT USE SOLDER. the 1.2v x 6 cells=7.2V, right?? Maybe if im not using soldering but use the battery case which easily available too, can it be done??? im using F1 Pro Reverse ESC and like 17T Tamiya super touring motor. Please help me??? thank you.

07-18-2000, 12:12 AM
It Should work, But I don't get the no sodering part, that's kinda stupid.

07-18-2000, 12:17 AM
Originally posted by Conman:
It Should work, But I don't get the no sodering part, that's kinda stupid.

The battery im talking about its like the one we use in the torchlight..the "AA"s i think. But only it says there rechargeable and "DO NOT SOLDER". can we solder batteries like eg. the Enegizer??? Im totally blank at this. I just do not want to burn my ESC. http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/wink.gif

07-18-2000, 12:24 AM
Please answer me...i need answer desperately.

07-18-2000, 01:04 AM
i think the reason we dont solder energizer type cells are because they wouldnt last very long in an rc car.... so it would basically be a waste of time....

other than that... if it says "do not solder" .. the only reason i can think of is that extreme temperatures might very well ruin the batteries...
so if it says do not solder... i would not solder them.... better safe than having cells blow up in your face, know what i mean??


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07-18-2000, 04:32 AM
Ooopps, it was not the "AA"s type...that's too small. I mean like the "C" size type cell. and furthermore, how do we calculate the "mah" thing.....the cell only says 1.2V and didn't say the watt and the mah thing. eg. how do we get the 1700mah, or the 2400mah and still totalling the 7.2V. please help me again.. maybe Mr. SteveP(Administrator)??? http://www.rccaraction.com/ubb/wink.gif