07-18-2000, 02:39 AM
hey all, just wondered if the administrators could give me a little more info on the car and how it performs compared to the hpi and tc3. It has the most hop ups on it, costs 10-20 dollars more than an hpi, is supposedly more consistant. Don't tell me to get the one my lhs supports because that's a joke, airplanes are the big deal around here, (yep, got a half finished 1/5 scale cesnna piper cub) anyway, let me know how the yoko pro compares to the hpi pro, and also the tc3 team. If you have to reference an article you've done, I don't care, I just want more info than "get the one that has lhs support"

didn't mean to sound rude or to be yelling with all CAPS but need to get your attention, it takes forever to get an answer around here and everywhere else just praises the tc3 or tries to sell me a used one (is there a connection?). later and thanks alot, more info=the better, later mike