View Full Version : Jato or OFNA Ultra Comp 2? Can't decide.

06-05-2006, 04:26 PM
Some of you might have read the story about how my Losi XXX-T with a brushless seems to have gone its own merry way. http://forums.radiocontrolzone.com/showthread.php?p=2025070

Well, I haven't stopped looking for it, and I've notified the area where it was lost in hopes someone may find it and turn it in.

However, I need something to play with now, I was going to put the purchase off for another month or so, but now I want to buy something within the week.

Should I get a Jato or OFNA 1/8th Ultra Comp 2.

The Jato is lighter, more ground clearance, maybe faster and probably has more ground clearance. I haven't found a speed for the OFNA yet though someone quoted 56mph. I've also read that the OFNA needs a stronger servo, and that the steering can bind unless you do some grinding, which is a minor bit though modifying it does void the warrenty.

However, the JATO is not AWD, nor is a 1/8th buggy which I've always wanted. And its also more expensive by about $80. It also comes with the electric start which I'm told is not always reliable.

So basically I'm stuck between the two. The OFNA I've read is a good basher, built tough for the most part and its a good starter car for 1/8th buggies.

I wanna order this week so I can get it by next week and get going with some nitro. Though I still hope my car turns up and I'm not going to stop looking.

06-05-2006, 05:01 PM
My Jato has held up well so far. I have had quite a few crashes. Ran into trees, stumps and even flipped it into a creek. It still runs flawless.
I thought for sure I busted my front a-arms a few times with how much I read about people busting them so easily. It's not as glass as people make it out to be, same with the Tmaxx.
I have never had one problem with the easy start 2 in the 3+ years I have owned a traxxas nitro. The only problems are the batteries I use and grinding up glo-wires.

That's just my experience with the Jato. I don't know anything about the OFNA so I can't compare the two.
Have fun choosing one :D Hopefully your truck turns up too. Pretty odd how it would just "disappear" like that.

06-05-2006, 07:01 PM
Yeah it sucks. I really loved that truck.

Too late though, I was picking parts up from my LHS for my OFNA OB4 pro and I saw they had a JATO on sale there demo model never driven by customers :rolleyes: $300. :eek: with batteries and some other stuff. Not a spec of dirt at all, no residue in the tank or lines.

So out came the capitol one.