View Full Version : rechargeable batts in Nitro

07-07-2006, 01:08 PM
Up until now I have been running AA alkalines in my trucks. Because I dont get out with my trucks too much this seems to work for me. The batteries will last me a long time.
However it gets expensive when I have to replace all the batteries.
My question is how long does a charged "5 cell hump pack" last? Would it give me 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours runtime?
How long do they take to recharge?
any info would be great!

07-07-2006, 01:55 PM
Practice session it'll last the whole day. Race weekends, that cud be 2 days, I have a extra set of hump backs. Depending on batterycharger, how long it takes. the cheaper charger take up to 12hrs. Hi dollar chargers, adjustable one can take one half to an hour to charge.

07-08-2006, 11:08 AM
Rechargesable NiMh (type of chemistry batt uses) batts are all I use. Most of my hump pacs are 1100mah (this is the capacity of the batt, the larger the number, the longer it lasts) and on a fresh charge, one will easy last a day of running. I have a 1650mah rx batt in one rc and it will last almost 2 days of running. I use a 2300mah rechargeable pac in my trasmitter and it will go for an entire weekend and I don't have to worry about turning it off all the time. They are well worth the money.

There's another benefit - NiMh rechargeables hold a higher voltage for a longer period of time than alkalines which start losing voltage when you draw power from them. The higher voltage gives you better performance from your servos.

You need a good charger like a digitial Pirahna that will peak charge these so they deliver best performance, about $50. Its an investment that pays off in the long run if you're into rcs.