View Full Version : Kalamazoo Fun Run 5.0

Ron Olson
02-02-2007, 01:51 AM
It's a little early as the ponds and lakes are finally starting to freeze over but the plans are already in the works for this years Fun Run here in the `Zoo.
The date will be May 19th at the same place as before, Spring Valley Park.
As a little extra incentive to make it this time, we will have at least one prize to hand out to some lucky attendee whether you show up with a boat or just come to watch.
Steve Vacarro has kindly donated an Aeromarine Mean Machine .18 but right now minus an engine. That part I am going to be working on as I'd like to be able to give away a boat that someone could fire up and run that day!
I am expecting a much larger group of people this year as last year it was held on Memorial Day weekend which people had other plans with their families. This year I am expecting some airboaters and more gas boaters to show up.
The park does have a modern restroom, grills close by if you want to cook up something and pets are allowed if they are leashed. No booze allowed in the park.
I will update as time gets closer to the big day.
Run what ya brung. We've had everything from those mini Kyosho boats on up to big gassers and wicked 'riggers.