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06-22-2009, 01:53 AM
Project: Traxxas Evo8
Traxxas 1/8th Buggy

I got this idea when I was in a brainstorm session of potential upcoming projects. After looking in it this seemed like a perfect project to get me back into the swing of making custom r/c cars. I know a few people have made 1/8th buggies in to CORR trucks and so why not a Slayer into a buggy? The wheelbase and width are perfect for being a 1/8th buggy and very close to other 1/8th's. After doing some more research I took the plunge and bought myself a Slayer roller for $140. This will be the starting point and the base for the project which will end up being the first Traxxas 1/8th Buggy.

This isn't going to be just a half-asked conversion by just putting some buggy tires,wing,and body on the stock Slayer. My project goal is to make it a competitor against other 1/8th buggies such as the 8ight, Rc8, 808. This means I will be tearing it apart and putting a 1/8th center diff in the middle and make a aluminum flat chassis to lower the Center of Gravity.Along with doing other modifications to help it be able to compete with the other buggies. I'm not much of a Nitro guy so I will be going the Lipo/Brushless route once the time comes to get it running. But, for now I'm going to be concentrating on getting this thing built. I know that I have a reputation for starting projects and taking along time to finish them. But I can promise I will all finish my projects..eventually.But first I have to finish this one and then I will work on my others. Check back for updates.


06-22-2009, 09:20 AM
EDS, I'll be watching!

06-22-2009, 12:24 PM
Can't wait to check this out. How soon will we be getting updates!

06-22-2009, 02:07 PM
Brandon: Major Updates will come very soon.

Tear Down and Cleaning

I tore everything apart and got it all cleaned up and got rid of the stuff I don't need (Transmission, Chassis,Etc) Here is what is left.


I apologize for the quality of the pictures once I start making more major progress I will have better quality pictures.
So far since I bought the roller for $140 and sold the parts that I didn't use for $40. I have only spent $100.Throughout the build I will be keeping tabs of how much I spend and my goal is to come out under $250 for a roller. I just bought a Rc8 Center Differential. Once I have this I can come up with a chassis design along with chassis stiffeners and battery tray designs.I will be buying a piece of aluminum sheet soon for the chassis. I'm going to start with 1/8" 6061-T6 Aluminum for the first prototype chassis. 6061 is much cheaper and and should be strong enough to do testing. Once I know the exact design and know it will work I will be making a new chassis out of 7075 material just like all the other 1/8th buggies out there and I will also be getting it anodized. Over all this project looks like it will be a pretty simple project especially compared to my other projects that I'm working on.

Slayer Roller= $140-40= $100
RC8 diff and stand offs=$33.74
1/8" 6061-T6 aluminum sheet=32.29


06-29-2009, 09:43 PM
Aay updates on this? I am intrigued.


06-30-2009, 02:01 AM
Bob-I got the 6061-T6 aluminum sheet but I'm still waiting for the Rc8 Center diff here before I can design and cut a chassis out. Can't do much until I get the Rc8 Center. I will let you guys know when I get it.

06-30-2009, 06:20 PM
By, any chance? Are you going to submite this to traxxas?

07-01-2009, 02:10 AM
Like send them a email to them? Most likely not. I posted in their forum though. Today.. I was thinking and maybe if I make this car good enough maybe I can get a hold of Slayden.. to see if he can work his magic on it and run it for me. I would think that's highly unlikely and I would most likely have to make it Nitro.
But if you think its a good idea to send this to Traxxas I might. For my projects one of my main goals is to make it in a magazine though.

07-02-2009, 11:15 PM
Center Differential/Driveshafts
Today I finally got the RC8 Center diff today. It came brand new in package and just like everything thing else 1/8th I was surprised by the size. After a few minutes of just messing around and building it I decided to try something that I had heard may work for the Center drive shafts. This is one of the only issues that I was worrying about with this project was finding some center drive shafts that would fit.I got a tip from a guy on another forum saying that I might be able to cut down revo axles to replace the input shafts on the center diff so that I could use sliders. I was curious and realized that I had some revo axles on the buggy already since the Revo and Slayer use the same axles. I figured out it would actually work and started hacking away. They ended up fitting perfectly with some modification . I know that sliders don't show up in the racing dictionary but they are cheap, more "Traxxas" like, and they fix my problem of trying to find correct length Cva's that fit on the Revo diffs. Here is how I made the modifications to make the sliders work on the Rc8 Center diff.

1.First I had to shave about 1/8th inch off of the black plastic part where the axle hooks on to the sliders.

2.Then I spent about an hour and half using my hand saw to cut down the axles so that they where the same length as the Rc8 inputs.

3. That's about all there is to it after that I just started putting it back together.
(Right is stock, Center is cut-down, Left is the completed one)

4. Once you have it put all together it should look like this.

The diff mounts fit perfectly around the axle coupling so that the pin doesn't fall out.
And the diff in the mounts with the top plate..

Over all I was very surprise how well everything to fit together.As far as shafts go I just used the Slayer Sliders off of the front of the buggy. I figured I can get a set to replace them off of ebay because the Slayer sliders fit perfectly.

Team Kassanova

07-05-2009, 03:11 PM
Bulkheads and Chassis
Big Update today!
I drew up a chassis design and my original layout idea.. would have made the chassis way to wide and heavy. This is the layout I was originally going to use..
I liked how all the batteries would be mounted on the chassis so that the COG would be low but it would have made the chassis way too wide. So after brainstorming layouts I found the layout that I believe I will be using..
Even though the COG is higher the batteries are closer to the center. This makes it so the higher COG doesn't matter as much. This will allow me to use stick packs and it also makes it so that my chassis can be slimmer cutting down on weight.

First off today I cut the Bulkheads down so that the electronics and batteries could fit in.Before I cut them though I measured how far it was from the center of the Rocker post to the shock mounting hole. Then I got out the scroll saw and hacked away at the Bulkheads.
After I got those cut I finalized the chassis drawings. And taped them to the piece of 1/8th" 6061-T6 aluminum.
After a couple hours of cutting and filing I came out with this..
For cutting aluminum for the first time andonly having hand tools I think it came out good. But after cutting it I realized the parts where the front and rear of the chassis hook on are probably too thin. Unfortunately, I don't have material to make another one so this one will have to do for now until I get some 7075.Then I will put the diffs on risers so that the front and rear can be wider. I still have some more filing ,drilling,and bending to do but here is how it should turn out and how it looks right now.
This last picture is just to give you an idea of where the batteries will be going. Obviously they aren't going to be the actual packs that I will use. I plan on using some lipo 5000mah 7.4v packs.

Today I'm going to try to finish the chassis and mount the diffs. I will probably also start drawing the battery mounts and the shocks/chassis stiffeners too. Watch for updates. Actually I created a website for projects..
www.Teamkassanova.webs.com . There you will find all my projects and the latest updates on them (I will be posting updates first on my website)

Team Kassanova

01-21-2010, 08:34 PM
I'm sorry that I haven't updated this project for so long. My dad got a job in Alabama so I had to move and the government put most of my r/c stuff in storage in Georgia. I thought I would let you guys know that I got my hands on this project again and the building will continue if =)


01-21-2010, 09:13 PM
Looks like a cool project. I recently did something similar. Its been done before but after some of the ones I seen I wanted to make sure mine looked as clean and unhacked as possible. I made what at first was going to be a 4wd stampede but later turned into a 4wd slash as I just liked the looks of a short coarse body with wide tires and the longer wheelbase just made it handle better.

latest pics
whole thread

I drew my chassis's up on autocad and sent it out to a somewhat local machine/fab shop to be laser or water jet cutout. Made for alot cleaner look.

If you'd like (if you already don't have access to) I can draw up your chassis on autocad and send the drawing to you if you have a place local to you that could cut it out or I can give you the name of the place I used.

01-21-2010, 09:17 PM
In other words, I was also looking at making a 1/8th scale buggy using a mix of traxxas and ofna parts. I had a t-maxx roller that I removed the entire front and rear suspension/differential setups and designed a chassis to mount them on using a center diff from a ofna buggy. Someday I will look at starting this project.

Hope to see some progress on your project. Auto subscribed.

01-23-2010, 01:50 PM
Drummin89: That's a nice project you did. Your right your chassis does look very clean. Thanks for the offer, unfortunately I don't have the funds to get professionally machined parts yet.

Sweet Traxxas needs more 1/8th buggies haha

01-30-2010, 01:43 AM
After trying to figure out if I would be able to fit the motor and steering on with my previous layout plan (one battery pack each side of the center drive shaft) I have found that I wouldn't have enough room for the steering. So instead I decided to change my layout to the layout used on the Hyper 9e

This will give me tons of room for a the esc,receiver,and servo. It will also keep the weight of the batteries and motor pretty close to the center. After crunching #'s I have found this is also a very well balanced layout out both front/rear and left/right.

If I hadn't found such an easy way to put the center diff in the rear I may have picked a more commonly used layout but for the center diff I was able to just cut a small plastic sleeve to go on the output shaft of the rear diff and then cut down the output slot on the center diff. Now all I have to do is drill a hole through the output on the center diff and the sleeve and slide in the pin with e-clips on the ends. I haven't drilled the holes because I lost most of my drill bits in the move


I'm very surprised at how well everything fits together it is as if it was meant to be. I will have to put a few spacers under the center bulkheads to make sure that the center diff is at the right height but that shouldn't be a big deal. For the center shaft to the front diff I will be using too female parts of the revo axles connected by one male side in the middle

After I got the center diff squared away I made a new upper chassis out of the same 1/8th aluminum I used for the lower chassis. This was somewhat difficult to get it to fit right but after a couple hours I got it to fit. I haven't filed or sanded it yet because I also lost my file in the move.

Next I will be mounting all rear end and filing and finishing the rear. After that will be the battery tray.

02-21-2010, 05:33 PM
I have been able to work on this project here and their and have mounted the front end and made the front upper plate. I also got a battery tray mounted and to hold the batteries in it will use two velcro straps like the one in the picture. I'm very excited about how this project is turning out..:nod: and I haven't even gotten to the bodies, wheels, or tires. I will let the pictures speak for themselves..
Next, I will be ordering a Rc8 servo saver to complete the steering and some Revo drive shafts to cut up and put in the center to link the center diff to the front diff.


02-23-2010, 08:34 PM
Made a discovery today.. the stock rc8-e motor mount won't work on this because I want the motor positioned on the left side and the motor mount would put it on the right side so I will have to use a Tekno mount or a novak mount. Or I could move the battery to the right side and the motor to the left side. This would mess with the steering though since the Rc8 steering puts the servo on the right side. and I rather just use a different motor mount.

03-02-2010, 08:55 PM
I got the steering set-up and the mud guards in the mail. I decided to not put the mud guards on until I get the body to make sure I place them so the body fits tight. I did however mount the steering and it fits very nicely. I had to trim the bulkheads slightly because of clearance issues and had to move the steering rack from the tops of the bell cranks to the bottoms. It looks like this will provide good steering geometry. I'm very happy how the steering fits into place.


I'm awaiting the Revo driveshafts so I can cut them down to make the center shaft. I also purchased a used Tekno 36mm motor mount for $12 that should be here later in the week.

03-02-2010, 09:39 PM
Looking good. Keep posting updates, we (or at least I) are watching. I just posted my thread showing the progress of my traxxas maxx buggy/truggy. Its sad that this forum is so dead, you look for comments and suggestions but there just isn't many people around to give them.

Either way very cool, can't wait to see it finished.

03-03-2010, 01:20 AM
I will. Oh yea I saw that. Looks interesting..I might eventually try using the machine shop your using for your chassis. It is sad this forum is so dead. It used to very alive but now dead. It seems like its starting to be a trend on once popular forums.

Thanks, I can't wait to finish it.

03-10-2010, 06:46 PM
I got the Revo shafts today for the center. I have finals for school tomorrow and Friday (high school..*rolls eyes*) and a soccer game Friday. I will hopefully update this weekend.

03-10-2010, 10:10 PM
That is looking great your doing some nice work with what you have.
Looks clean can't wait to see where it goes :D

03-21-2010, 06:07 PM
Thanks zueslilbuddy. Yea I try to do my best with what I have. I like your work too. Always nice to see custom work.

After a busy week of school and soccer and getting a job at a local movie theater.. I made some progress on the Evo8. First I cut up the Revo drive shafts and put a male half shaft in the middle of two female shafts to make the center drive shaft. Then I cut up the Rc8 steering top plate so the drive shaft could fit. I also had to grind a slot in the bulkhead upper deck because of drive shaft clearance issues. After I got the center drive shaft taken care of I took the parts I had used from the Slayer drive-shafts on the center diff and replaced them with the new Revo drive-shaft parts so that I had complete Slayer drive-shafts.

I got the mudguards mounted and had to cut down the chassis slightly in the front to make them line up. I think those turned out great.

Next, I mounted the Tekno motor mount by drilling slots in the chassis. As you can see from the pictures its alittle crooked so I will have to fix that with alittle bit more drilling.

Lastly, I got a piece of black vinyl from a teacher at school for free and decided to try wrapping the chassis in it. Its a little bit shinier than I would like and also has quiet a few air bubbles in it. I figure you won't see too much of the top of the chassis once all the electronics are in place.I didn't wrap the top decks yet becuase I'm still trying to decide if I like it.. what do you guys think? I know on the bottom with the vinyl or with it I will probably be a lexan chassis guard and so I really wouldn't need the vinyl on the bottom since I would paint the chassis guard black.


I also just ordered some 17mm adapters from a guy used for $7 shipped. He isn't sure what brand they are but he says they will fit so I'm hoping they will do.

03-22-2010, 12:07 PM
that looks amazing!!!!

03-27-2010, 03:19 PM
Thanks man

Got a small update. I got the 14mm adapters in the mail which I picked up used for $7 shipped. Not a bad deal in my mind. They are Ofna adapters that have been de-anodized and they fit quiet well.

I also wrapped the top decks to see how it would look. I think the "blackness" looks good but again the shininess makes it look cheap. You can all see the bubbles on the lower chassis more in the picture below. Most of them will not be visible when I put the battery tray and all the electronics in it. I will eventually be making a new chassis which will be anodized though for a better look. Just wanted to experiment with the vinyl. Who knows some flat black or carbon vinyl might look better.

Next I will be making front chassis stiffeners that will connect the upper deck and lower chassis.
As far as upcoming purchases.. I will be buying some steering turnbuckles, a plastic Ae 50t spur gear, a body, and I might pick up some wheels.

I'm going out to the garage to work on the chassis stiffeners right now so look for a small update soon :nod:

06-02-2010, 03:03 AM
Now that schools out I have a lot more time for my projects and too work so I can fund them.

I dug out this project and I drew up a new chassis for this so I can cut it out. The old one was too weak and alot of the holes weren't exactly in the right places. Hopefully this new chassis will be stronger and fit better. I also will be re-making the upper chassis's as they aren't up to spec as far as the holes matching up.

I have a ordered a body for it...and will be ordering tires and wheels for it along with the other parts I will need to complete this.

I'm going to be redesigning the battery mounting system and also revising the steering and motor mounting.

I'm putting so much effort into making this as nice as a conversion as I can because I will be sending off to a friend of mine who is a very good racer (Chewie) for him to put electronics in it and do some testing for me. He will also be racing it, taking pictures, and taking videos for me. I myself don't have the money to put electronics in this nor do I have the money to race it. I have to have it to him by July 5th so the end of this month is my deadline.

In other words... I'm start pretty close to fresh..and have a month to do it..Stay tuned for progress.

06-02-2010, 10:08 AM
like i said I'll be watching!

06-04-2010, 02:23 AM
I got the new chassis Cut out, drilled,and filed today. I got most of the stuff to line up better but I will have to do some small adjustments to it to get everything to line up correctly.

I also got the body today. Its Jconcepts Rc8e Hi-flow body. After some trimming I got it to fit pretty well. I'm debating wither or not to make scoop like think to cover up the front shocks or not.
Unfortunately.. my painter says he won't be able to paint the body before the deadline because he doesn't have enough time... so now I will either have to find someone else to paint it for free or rattle can it myself. If anyone is interested in helping me out and donating a paint job to me that would be great. The project is on many forums and I will also be sending pictures to the magazine...so the paint job would be seen. It would be a pity to have this project turn out sick and then end up having to put a crappy paint job on top of it. Let me know if any of you guys with mad airbrushing skills can help me out. I would need the body done by the 25th or so. Thanks

Next, I will be remaking the upper chassis plates and making a front chassis brace out of 1/4" lexan.

Oh yea.. and some pictures

06-10-2010, 05:34 PM
Small update..today I got a shipment of parts...I got:

Team Associated Rc8 Black Wing

Team Associated Rc8-e motor mount

Team Associated RC8 Plastic Spur 50t

Team Associated Rc8 Steel Steering TurnBuckles

Traxxas Screws

Traxxas Slash Decals

Traxxas Revo Decals

Traxxas Variable Dampening Kit

Traxxas Slayer Springs Double Purple

Traxxas Slayer Springs Double Black


Because it was so hot today I felt like doing some de-anodizing. So I went to good will and got a $2 pot. Then went to Lowe's found some Greased Lighting. Went home poured the Greased Lightning in the pot and put all the blue parts in. I let them sit for about 20 minutes while shaking the pot everyonce in awhile. I took them out and used a high pressure water sprayer to spray them off. I learned this is a very important step because otherwise they will oxidize and turn blackish. The 17mm hubs I had bought had been thru the same process but weren't sprayed off so I re-did the process on them



Ah thats much better. Sorry about the small pictures don't know what happened their. =/ Anyway.. The next step would be to get these Anodized red.. but I don;t have the money to get them anodized and I will also be selling this project once I'm finished I will just leave them like this. I figure silver matches red and black alot better then blue.
I have been working on the battery mounts and chassis stiffeners and hope to show you guys those mounted up soon.

06-12-2010, 10:42 PM
With only a week till I have to take pictures of this project finished I figured it was time to get down to business. Today I spent about 3 hours in the hot garage working on the buggy. I got the chassis braces completely mounted, the front of the battery mounting system finished and mounted, and the shocks mounted on the new upper chassis. Oh and I also got the steering linkages bolted on and they fit perfectly. The front in is basically finished..I just have to fit a servo linkage and mount the servo mounts. Yesterday I worked some on the rear of the buggy so its not too far behind.
I also recieved a couple feet of matte black vinyl that I got off of ebay for cheap. I figure that I can try wrapping the chassis and upper chassis's with it to see what it looks like. I think that it will actually look good if I can do it with out all the air bubbles. I think what made my last vinyl wrap job look bad was the vinyl was shiny and had lots of air bubbles it it. So I will try again with the matte black. Just to see and if it looks good I will take the finished pictures of it with the vinyl on it.

Oh and sorry about the small low quality pictures large high quality ones will be taken when I'm finished.

06-14-2010, 09:24 PM
Another small update....

Today I was exciting becuase I got the tires and wheels in.

I decided it would be a good day to try my 2nd chemical "experiment" so i decided to dye the rockers and wheels black to match the rest of the buggy...



Anybody else getting excited yet??

06-14-2010, 10:54 PM


06-16-2010, 04:25 AM
cant wait to get my hands on it!! hopefully that lexan holds up..

06-16-2010, 11:38 PM
I think the lexan will be good. Its very strong stuff.

I finished the battery compartment today. It is a quick release set-up. At one end is a screw that acts as a hinge while at teh other end their is a pin (screw) that I cut the top off and screwed on end into a thumb screw. You unscrew the rod using the thumb screw and then pull the pin and the battery strap can pivot upwards. On the side I decided to do some work with the scroll saw and cut out the buggie's name. I will be painting all these parts since they are lexan. Next I just have to finish up the back of the buggy and make wing mounts and body mounts. I'll be working on that stuff tomarrow and friday.


Finished pictures.....Saturday night.They will be posted on my website www.Teamkassanova.webs.com before anywhere else.

06-19-2010, 10:46 PM
Hey guys took it to the track for a photoshoot. It was the last chance I had to get it to the track for this. The roller is pretty much done. I have a few things I have to do like mount body posts, make small adjustments, set it up correctly, and mount servo mounts. I also am having problems with the center diff spinning freely so I have to fix that tomarrow. But other than that the roller is DONE! I'm shipping this out hopefully Monday priority mail to my friend in Michigan for him to load it up with electronics.. he will take pictures of it with the electronics in it..then do some testing on the track.. I will report back with the pics and with test results.. if everything goes good he will be racing it July 10th. Also be looking for videos. Now to the pics!


06-20-2010, 12:38 AM
looks great man!

i cant wait to get it.. any chance on making some sort of plate for the esc to mount onto

06-21-2010, 10:05 AM
love the all black look. amazing. good luck chewie with driving that thing.

06-21-2010, 03:52 PM
oh im gonna drive the hell out of it lol..
people are gonna be like wth is that lol..

06-21-2010, 06:39 PM
Chewie: thanks man. Yea made you a esc mount. haha yea it will be interesting all the looks you will get. Youll have fun. i just hope it holds up and works for you.

Ihaveaxray: thanks man

Finally I'm finished with this project...well for now..

I spent all yesterday trying to figure out why the center diff wasn't turning the rear diff smoothly. I ended up having to shim it with a spacer plate I made out of a divider you would find in fishing takkle box. I also replaced the rear out put on the center diff with the stock Rc8 outdrive and epoxied a pin in the output shaft of the revo diff. This is much smoother. I just up it will hold up. Last night I stayed up till about 3:30 doing finishing touch type of stuff like counter sinking the chassis, making body mounts,installing sway bars, making a extra battery compartment part, and generally making sure everything was ready for testing. I finished everything up this morning and packed it up and took it to the post office.. Should get to my friend on thursday. I was going to insure it.. but they said if it got lost I would need a receipt to make a claim with usps. Well how the heck do you have a receipt for a custom creation??? Anyway.. took a couple last pictures of it before I sent it out.. The creator with the creation


06-21-2010, 08:43 PM
freakin sick man.. cant wait! i really hope it holds up. freakin one of a kind there guys!!

06-22-2010, 11:30 AM
Fantastic work man, really came out well.

What's the next project? :)

06-22-2010, 04:29 PM
I hope it holds up too chewie.

Old school: Thanks man
hmmmm well I want to get into racing and Im moving close to a very nice indoor clay track and 2wd buggy next to the Slash class is the most popular. ...so probably K2 V2...

06-22-2010, 04:37 PM
So with K2 V2 are you heading towards a SC style truck or buggy?

06-22-2010, 07:25 PM
opps sorry I guess i made that sorta confusing its going to be just a regular 2wd buggy.. well except the fact that it will be belt driven.. and have laydown suspension..basically just redesigning my earlier K2 project which I will be personally racing at my local track. I don't really like SC type trucks.

06-22-2010, 10:49 PM
Oh, ok. Keep us updated/.well me for the K2 V2

06-23-2010, 04:00 PM
alright. I'll post a thread on here just for you.. since its pretty slow these days. Either that or people just aren't interested.

07-01-2010, 10:18 PM
After 3 days of driving and 1400 miles I'm back in Colorado. I got moved into my new room. The basement in my new house is unfinished so my parents said I can put my room and workshop down their. Figured I would show you guys some pictures. Should have plenty room to spread out.

Now that I got set-up I'm going to start making a one piece upper chassis for the Evo8..Chewie (my friend who I sent the buggy to) let me know their is too much flex in the chassis. Too much for him to drive it. We are afraid if he did drive it the front end would get crushed. So I'm going to be making a one piece upper deck to replace the front and rear upper decks. I will also be doing some new thicker chassis braces. Haven't been able to get a hold of my friend to see if he has installed electronics. I'll pictures up once he gets that done. Then pictures of the upper deck. Once my buddy gets the new upper deck installed he will start the testing.

07-14-2010, 05:30 PM
hey broski. im gonna be sending it back soon i have a mamba max pro for sale. along with a servo. associated xp1015 used once in a t3

10-22-2010, 02:01 AM
I FINALLY got this buggy back into my hands. I have already started to tear it down partially so that I make the needed changes. Next week I have off from school and will be working on this. Soo this will be running in the next couple weeks. I'll post updates once progress is made.

11-02-2010, 02:06 AM
My buddy that was going to test the buggy recommend that I throw out the 2 piece upper chassis's and replace them with a single upper chassis. This is because their was way to much flex front to back and he was afraid the buggy the chassis would bend if it nose dived. So..

For the last about week or so I have slowly been making a single piece upper chassis for the buggy. Next to the main chassis this part is the largest and the most difficult to make. That's why it has taken so long. The hardest part is figuring out where the shocks need to be mounted and getting the holes aligned correctly. The process I used to make this part is I drew it out on a piece of graph paper and also drew where all the holes need to be. I then made a copy of the drawing and taped it to a piece of aluminum using packaging tape so I could see where I needed to cut. I then used a hand held jigsaw to make all the cuts. After filing and drilling the piece and re drilling holes I have finished the piece.

Now after bolting down the piece the buggy is very still and I don't even think I need to make chassis braces for it.. though I'm not positive about that yet because of how thin the main chassis is.

Mind you I still have to finish filing the edges and I also will be covering it with the same flat black vinyl that I covered the last upper chassis's with and the main chassis. In these pictures you can also see the Feigao 8xl motor with rc-monster heatsink I purchased for the buggy and my new bluebird servo.


Next I will be working on reworking the battery compartment and taping my saddle pack batteries together.

11-03-2010, 12:13 AM
Today I didn't have any homework so I was able to make further progress on the buggy. I redesigned the battery tray and decided to keep it simple. I just used some 1/4" lexan to make a "craddle"/Tray then used some tekno velcro straps I had laying around. This holds the battery in very securly and I am able to hold the buggy upside down by the battery haha
I also taped and vinyled the batteries together and I also go the upper deck covered with the vinyl too.


The last custom work I have to do is make a new wing mount. After that its just little stuff like filling the diffs and shocks, mounting the esc and receiver, doing some soldering, and setting up the buggy.

The buggy will be shipped out to location X next week after testing.

Jason Sams
11-04-2010, 10:58 AM
Buggy looks great! Thanks for sharing the photos and all the steps you went through.

11-06-2010, 01:00 AM
Thanks Jason

Wednesday I filled the shocks with oil and the diffs with fluid. Yesterday I spent alot of time installing the electronics. I tried to wires the best I could. To make room for the hobbyking 100a esc I decided to stand the servo up. So I had to make lexan servo mounts and then extend the servo saver arm upwards to make for a better angle.


Today I glued up the tires which went horribly because the Losi Step Pin tires didn't fit the Jconcepts wheels very good. I believe the losi's use a different bead type then the wheels but I did my best.. Afterwards I charged up the battery and took it out for a test run even though I had a couple things to finish up on like the wing mount and drilling out the shock mount screws ( the ones that go thru the shocks) The test runs went surprisingly well! Everything in the transmission held up. I definatly need put the front sway bars back on because it easily traction rolled but this is also because it was on the street. I broke the shock mounts because the screws to hold the shocks on weren't in all the way and I couldn't drive it with the body on becuase I have to save the body for when its sent to location X. Thus when the buggy traction flipped it slid on the rockers and shock screws. The buggy is fast at full throttle. Everything worked great. The real test will come in the next couple of days when I take it to the track.. I will be trying to get a video of it but it probably won't be a great video because I will have to use a digital camera.

Video soon though =)

11-13-2010, 08:24 PM
The buggy was sent out thursday to Location X.,.. more info about location x when I can release it.

11-20-2010, 12:47 AM
Well.. more bad luck has come with this buggy.

Location X was R/C car magazine...
About a month ago an editor emailed saying he was interested in featuring it in the magazine.. that's why I got it all fixed up and bought electronics for it so I could make it drivable for the magazine. He also asked me to write the article because he wanted in my own words. Soo ofcourse I was excited and everything was going great.. I sent the buggy and sent my article which he really liked...
This wednesday I was informed that the publisher of R/C car magazine had discontinued R/C car and the editors last day was the day after I sent the buggy. So basically....my car won't be in the magazine.. and my article won't be printed. The buggy is on its way back to me.

In the mean time.. I sent a few emails to the other magazines to see if they are interested.

This buggy has brought me a lot of bad luck.. first the guy who was going to test and race it for me couldn't and it took him for ever to send it back.. then I get an awesome offer from a magazine and then the magazine goes out of business..

Once I get the buggy back I will be testing it on the track and get some videos of it.. after that.. I think I'm going to disassemble it.. sell the parts I don't need and turn it into another project that I will actually need.

In the mean time here is some pictures of the finished buggy with out the body on.



11-26-2010, 07:58 PM
I got the buggy back a couple days ago. Decided to start making you guys some videos of it.. the first video is just me running it around the street and the yard. Once I can get to the track I will do a track test video. Sorry its a bit shaky.

11-27-2010, 08:43 PM
Today it was a nice sunny day in Colorado which is rare for end of November so I decided to take advantage of it.. and got out to the track. For its first time on the track and with my bad driving skills ( I just build the cars I don't race them.. yet) The track was very dusty and loose so it was sort of hard to get traction but I think the buggy did just fine.. I think that with a good driver, and some testing and tuning this could possibly be a winner. I was surprised by the durability and you can see in the video I wasn't easy on it.. at the end of the day i broke the lexan wing mount I made and a turnbuckle end but that's all.
Overall pretty impressed!

Anyway to the video...