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01-24-2010, 04:01 PM
I have an extra tc3 laying around and after looking at cars like the tc5 and the xray's and just about every other belt drive car out their (except the E4 and JRX-s) I got to thinking their has to be a better electronic layout than to have the motor hanging out so far and the battery far from the center to. So I started playing around in solidworks and came up with a few different layouts. This I found would be the best out of them:
I'm not thrilled about using a saddle pack but some of my other projects use one so I figured it would be alright.
As far as balance goes with the electronics I will be using...
Rear: 361-348g
Front: 244-220g

I decided since I have the parts why not try it out and thus the project began.

-To get it so that the shafts won't be in the middle I will be mounting another diff gear on the other side of the stock one except it will be facing out towards the wheels

-In order to get the shafts high enough to clear the saddle pack I will be using a set-up similar to the Durango's with angled input shafts and center shafts hooking up to a center spur.I will be making a custom motor mount and center bulkhead like the center bulkheads on the B44 except out of 1/4 lexan. I will be making custom bulkheads that will look sort of like the bulkheads on the XLR8 out of ( though I will be adding a lexan cover) also out of lexan

-To keep things in the middle I plan on using a steering set-up like the 1/12th cars have, ( hooking the turnbuckles directly to a servo saver on the servo) like such..

I already start on the chassis and got it cut out. I purposely cut it wider than it will end up being to make sure I could fit the electronics on with any layout. Once I make sure everything will fit I will trim it down and sand everything nice and smooth

Next I will be working on the bulkheads. If you have any questions or comments I would be glad to hear them. You can find all the pictures and latest up dates on my website.. www.teamkassanova.webs.com ( I will be posting updates & pictures on the forum I post them first on my website)

Team Kassanova

01-26-2010, 11:40 PM
I have a small but exciting update...
I got one of the diffs done
In order to have an offset shaft I had to modify the diffs quiet a bit. I didn't want to have to mess with the suspension blocks or a-arm length so I decided to build around those. For the diffs I started by throwing the long side of a stock tc3 outdrive into the drill and trimmed off the bearing stopper so that I could move the bearing closer to the inside of the outdrive. I had to use this longer outdrive so that I can cut it down so that when I mount the diff both sides are equal. I then took a ring/diff gear and flipped it so it was facing the wheels then I took a couple screws I mounted it onto a old spur gear using the diff ball holes. The diff ball holes wont be used on this side. Then I trimmed down the spur gear (white plate) and then drilled a hole matching the outside holes in the spur in the diff gear that's in the stock location. Put a couple screws through it and that seemed to work. It works just like a regular diff. I think I will end up using small screws to hold it all together as the large screws add a lot of weight

I also decided to change layouts to achieve better front/rear balance. Once I come to a final decision on which layout I will post that but it will be similar to the one in the original post.

Next on the list is the bulkheads...

01-27-2010, 12:05 AM
pan car like steering should be interesting on an off road car. i havent seen a bellcrank-less design in offroad for a while

01-27-2010, 12:20 AM
Just thought I would mention.. its going to be a on-road touring car haha =P