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11-28-2011, 03:30 AM
I have been off and on with the RC thing since the mid eighties. I had an RC10. Later I got a on road 4wd nitro car very fun and fast but, always loved my buggies. I am now looking to get a new 1/10 scale off road buggy. I am a little partial to the Assoiated 1/10 cars because of my old rc 10. But, my buddy had an ultima and no matter what I did his car was always faster. It seemed to weigh less. Was considering an ultima. I am just getting the car for fun. I have never raced for real like on a track. I was also looking at the 4wd buggies. Those exceed cars are very inexpensive. Are they junk or what? And does price really reflect the overall quality of some cars ie... the Ultima and the newest RC 10 are very expensive for a kit alone. Anybody got any suggestions on what to buy? as far as 1/10 off road buggies go.

11-28-2011, 01:44 PM
Exceed = no. Stay away if you're used to Associated's quality.

I like my B4.1 Factory Team. They also have an RTR version that is called a "RS" which comes with a brushless power system. The system seems to run pretty well if you can find the instruction manual to program it on the internet and get some good LiPo batteries for it.

The Team Losi Racing 22 is also a pretty nice looking car. Aluminum chassis keeps the weight down low and they're a longer, narrower chassis reducing the rotational moment. Even can mount the motor midship instead of hanging off the back to make a little bit quicker-responding car. It's pretty new though so there aren't likely to be a lot of really good setups out there as of yet. Losi also has a RTR version of this which has a good brushless system already set up for stock class. It's pricey but still a pretty good deal compared with buying it all separately. You are stuck with their mediocre electronics at first but can be upgraded if necessary later on.

If you're up for a kit, all the racing kits are going to be more expensive but have better shocks, axles, driveshafts, turnbuckles, ... the list goes on and on.

As far as weight, I have 2oz of lead taped to my B4.1 because it was just too lightweight otherwise. We've finally got back to the 80s where we have too much horsepower and not enough mass to keep the thing on the ground. Awesome!


11-29-2011, 01:15 AM
I am going chk out the Losi car, sounds nice. Thanks for the info. Any thoughts on the Ultima?