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06-14-2012, 05:04 PM
Alright, so I am here to vent...

First off, I renewed my subscription to RCCA at the end of April, the 30th to be exact. This was the same time that my previous subscription ran out. Anyways, I renew it online with no changes to the address or anything like that.

Well, a month goes by and no new mag, alright, no biggie, I know it takes time to process. So, I call AirAge, thinking that they deal with the print subscription, but they don't and refer me to RCCA.

So I call them and the lady I got a hold of told me that my new magazine should arrive by the following Thursday. This was towards the end of May, beginning of June timeframe. I wait patiently for the magazine until the Tuesday following the Thursday, due to Memorial Day wekend.

Still nothing.

So I call again, and ask the same thing, where is my magazine at (except nicer). The lady tells me that the magazine should be there no later than the second week of June. I tell her that the last person I talked to said that it was supposed to be here 5 days ago. She apologized and said that it takes 4-6 weeks to process and that at the latest, it should be there in the second week of June. I say no problem, I can wait.

So, second week of June comes around, and guess what, NOTHING! So, I call again for a third time. Some lady answers the phone and sounds like she is reading from a card, because she is stuttering over the name of the magazine, like it's her first day there. I tell her the situation, and she simply says, "I will add a free month on for you at the end of your current subscription." I ask if I will still get the July issue or will I have to wait for the August issue? She states that I will have to wait for the August issue to come out, which means that I will be waiting another 2-3 friggin weeks before it ever reaches my house. And that is if it reaches my house. I say no, I want my July issue, I have been buying them off the shelf, because you have failed to get me my magazines that I purchased over a month and a half ago.

I don't understand where the disconnect is here...:mad::mad::mad:

06-17-2012, 02:42 AM
She apologized and said that it takes 4-6 weeks to process

that thing right is the answer there my friend...but if you paid for the digital part you should have acess to it right away online....most likely they send you the august issue

processes stink and snail mail makes it even worse