View Full Version : need help with servo selection...input wanted

06-25-2002, 03:13 PM
hey guys...kind of in a bind. After long deliberation and thinking I have decided to get a M8 (possibly still may jump for a 3PJS) for my new NTC3 for my first nitro car...but now it boils down to, what servos should I use...I dont mind expense...and I have looked honestly at all manufactures...but now I need some feedback...

I am set on getting a Airtronics 94737 as my throttle servo, probably wont sway on this decision (unless I get the 3PJS which I will use the S9101.)

Now for my steering servo, I have it narrowed down to 3 servos.

Airtronics ERG-VR 94357Z, Airtronics Digital 94757Z, or the KO Propo 2143 FET Digital.

I know the epic debate on digital servos for TC's, they are a over kill. but the track I am gonna race at has some nice sharp turns and a two real fast pace power turns. I know a digital servo will help out there. I just want some honest feed back now before I put an order at my LHS sometime next week. Thanks!