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    I have got mine turning pretty consistently. First thing I would do is to remove what it does not need and that is the trim tabs. After doing that set your c.g. 1 inch or less behind the first step. I am using the really large adjustable turn fins sold by Fuller. Mount them as far out as you possibly can and adjust them so that they are out of the water during straight line running and mount them perpendicular to hull. Also if you are running 12 cells all bets are of as I have only done testing with 18. I personally think the boat is too big for 12 cells so you might try adding weight.

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    Hey Dave,
    I made some changes and it runs alot better. I set my CG in the middle of the 1st and 2nd step, put a larger rudder that sits a little deeper in the water, and I switched to the adjustable turn fins from fullers. The water was like glass today so I set the turn fins so they stuck out the back of the boat as much as possible. In rough water I will set them deeper. I dont have much problems running in the chop but before this switch I had alot of problems running in smooth conditions.

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