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    Keep asking, and we'll keep answering. [/B][/QUOTE]
    That I will do
    These sound like alot of fun. Are they durable, they don't look like they would take jumps very well (kind of a stupid question but I thought I'd ask). How does the suspension work. What kind of drive train does it have, is it belts driving those wheels at the front and back. What kind of radio system do you need and finally is it incredibly hard to find parts as it is discontinued. Thanx

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    CJ-5 take a look at this sight they have hydraulic systems you might be able to use for your dozer
    They have a number to call so you can ask questions about the units and cylinders avalible. Good luck

    I just had to say "ask more questions". When will I keep my mouth shut? LOL

    Yes, they are very durable. But then, I don't really get abusive with my stuff either. I have ran into things at a pretty hard clip, and I have hit some jumps pretty hard. But as yet, I have not broken anything. About the only real major problem I have noticed with this vehicle is the plastic side plates. I am seeing bending of the plastic where the front drive wheels attach. I am going to remedy this problem by making them out of aluminum. The other problem I have is with the front drive wheels coming loose or loosing tension in the sideplates. Same fix for both, the aluminum sideplates. The only other thing, is the usual cracking off the body that most of us observe with all of our vehicles.
    They do jump, but not much. These vehicles are pretty heavy and sit very low to the ground. I have an area that has about a 12" rise abruptly. I hit this at full speed and the Blizzard jumps about 10-12" off the ground, lands flat ad takes off not missing a beat.
    Suspension? I'm gonna pee my pants laughing about that. There really isn't any. There are five wheels on each side. The front one is a sprocket wheel, it does the actual driving. The next three are basically spring loaded dummies, they help keep the tracks aligned and help keep tension on the tracks.I suppose they do help a bit with suspension, by keeping the track supported against the ground. The last one has an adjustable tensioner on it to keep the track tight on the front drive wheel.
    Driveline: First you have the engine, then it goes into the transmission (2 speed w/reverse), then it goes into the differential. The differential connects to a shaft for each side. On these shafts are brake discs and pads for steering. These shafts have a plastic sprocket attached to the end. The drive wheels also have a sprocket. And a chain connects the two of them. So far I have not seen ant signs off wear and tear on my sprockets and chains. It looks like a cheap way of doing it, but it works and seems to hold up.
    Radio system for this is a simple 2 channel radio. I would suggest a radio with proportional steering. So that you could adjust the steering to be tight or loose on the radio, to suit that days driving.
    If you look back in the earlier post you will find where I wrote you about availible parts.
    Tommorow I am off in the afternoon and I have some work to do on my Blizzard. (The front drive wheel that hass been plaguing me.) I will take some pictures of the working insides of it and post them.

    Whoa, that snuck up on me. I am usually on the PMD site every couple weeks but man I guess it doesn't pay to skip a I like that loader, looks good, but what I don't like is the price tag, 2300 bucks for a static model? Ouch, it also looks like it's 1/16th scale,I'm workin with 1/10th. I like the idea and I'm shooting them an e-mail tonight but I don't think they will have the travel or diameter I am looking for. I'm tryin to remember what the size of a 986 is, I think its about the same size as a Deere 744 but I'm not sure, I am a little foggy on the Caterpillar numbering system.

    I know that's a prototype, but what's with the paint? I would like to know one other thing, why don't they ever cater to us Deere men, everything is always Caterpillar or Liebherr. Maybe it's just me but I always thought deere was one of the Big Guns, I know they are in Farming but Caterpillar doesnt have the monopoly on Hydraulic excavators under 80 Metric ton anymore. Never the less I must know more about this machine. What I would like to see more of is that guy in rcca last year who built a completely Hydrraulic Cat. 325 Excavator in 1/12th scale. That would be nice to have, If I could get one of those, My dozer and a Articulated Dump Truck I could have a nice little track making

    I think i've gone off the deep end.

    Nah, you ain't drowning yet. We'll throw you an oxygen tank when you get too deep. LOL Besides you have some very good ideas kicking around. I think that stuff would be pretty cool to have. Just don't forget the pictures. We can't take all this teasing.

    Thanks alot blaneo, I am a curious george and I have one more question what is proportional steering is that the opposite of it being on off kinda sterring like one or the other or is it in increments by how far you turn the wheel on the radio. Thanks alot for anwsering.

    I'm sorry. I should have stated it as dual rate steering. Basically, it is an adjustment wheel on the radio, that you adjust, to set the amont of travel, that the servo will make. It basically means that you can set your vehicle up to make sharp turns or wide turns.

    The steering on this vehicle is different then on every other vehicle I have seen. I havn't seen any tanks, so I can't attest to how they work. Maybe the same way. There is one servo that controls both sides of the vehicle. When the servo moves to one side it activates the brake on one side and slows that drive wheel, so the other side pushes it through the turn. When the servo turns the other way, it activates the other brake, turning it the oposite direction.

    The pictures I take tommorow will explain it. Also the info for the availible parts is on page one of this discussion.

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    CJ your dozer project should be about the same scale as that loader ,remember the blizzard ,if it were real would only weigh about 10k ,the deere your working on weighs 30-40 k ? if you scale it properly there is no way the tracks would be long enough .? Just a little reallity check ,Like I once heard from a wise old man ," If your going to do something be sure to do it right the first time ". Have you ever under gone a scale project before ?
    I have built scale planes and man what a pain to get things proportioned correctly ,but they do have formulas for this .
    Even if you decide not to make "true scale" thats fine too .
    I guess I'm just an old duffer that likes things complicated LOL .
    Take care and keep us posted ,

    Oh yeah I am doin this to scale. I have every measurement I can think of, I even have the stack the correct width and length. True the weight will never be correct but thats goin a little overboard to make a r/c that weighs 4400lbs. The tracks are the right length actually they are about 1/16th of an inch long right now, I added a really short section to lengthen it about 1/2" I know what it's like, If I were building something else I might be as crazy about it but I want this beast to be as close to 100% as I can. Yep I have also done scale projects before. I have a 1/16 scale john deere 310a backhoe, it was originally a ERTL 310 Backhoe, but I wanted it to look like ours so I took apart the whole rear hoe assembly and added a 4ft extenda-hoe, quick coupler and a 3ft ditching bucket. I also added the aux. Hydraulic lines, I also made some better looking Hydraulic cylinders out of brass tubing. I then made a cab for it, put some diff cylinders on the front loader, changed the bucket a bit and added some different front tires that were closer to mine. I also have about 350 1/64th scale deere tractors and other farm equipment with a fair sized industrial collection, a lot of it is custom. I don't mind spending forever on projects like this. Something like this can keep my interest and I have got to the point in this hobby where I like to work on my vehicles more than driving them. As for pics I definately want pics too, I'm waiting for my friend to get his digicam back.

    I haven't gone off the deep end eh? EVer driven a Traxxas Nitro Stampede with a good .15 engine?, Well I own the worlds only Nitro pede with a OFNA 8 Port .21 Hyper engine under the hood. It went from 18/22 gearing to 26/52 gearing when I dropped in the big block. I looked at the 966G 2 Series machine, it is the same size as the Deere 744J.

    And for your information its not a 40K dozer, its 46K....

    I'm one of those people who should never be given a Machine Shop, or a Dremel for that matter.

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    Thats the spirit ! The closer you get your project to scale the better it will look and operate. Did you already fab new track frames ? for the longer tracks ?

    All I had to do was make a longer tie rod for the rear bogey wheel. It just sits 1/2 further out and has a new arm that it is connected to. I am leaving all the wheels in on each side for now. When the body is done and everything works then I'm going back to take care of business. I already have some of the work done to make the undercarriage look super scale but I want to get this beast 75% done before spring so when I start racing off road I wont just leave it until next winter. It has to be scale though, like I said earlier, I am making this more for the looks than I am running it. Chances are I'll run it this summer and then pull the running gear out and let it play self queen.

    I did think of one thing I gotta do, I wanna weather it. Having a brand new clean bulldozer wears of real quickly, I wanna have my unpainted tracks, scratched blade, scratched undercarriage, and I have made a vow to myself, I will not be cleaning it every run, I will be leaving dirt and mud on there so it. Every little thing helps.

    I'm so into this right now, I had another thought last night. I was in the bathroom (the thinking room), and I thought about something. I finished my "thinking" and started some measuring and looking through some Deere books and was looking at their ADT's (Articulated Dump Truck). Tamiya has their Mammoth truck, I got to looking at how wide the axles are for it, and the tires. 3 Clodbuster axles would be the perfect size for something like this. Then I got to more thinking, so are Juggernaut axles, only they would be a little more scale. A set of Imex J-Hawg Tires for the T-Maxx would be nearly the perfect size and a incredible match to the tread pattern. I thought and made some quick drawings and the frame would be quite simple. I am just playin around with this idea, but I have 5 old clod axles sitting around here not doin nothin. Do I smell next years project? By the time I get out of college I could end up with a little fleet on my hand.
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    Okay here are the pictures. I hope this works the way I think it should.

    1st. The engine
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    3rd. the radio system

    This ain't working. I will just build a webpage for it and send you the address. sorry.

    Those look good to me, thanx for posting the pics, so it has a two speed. If you are not too busy do you think you could post some pics the sow the hole thing without the body and then the bogey wheels and tracks. Only if you can though no worries.

    What is that circle thing that the throttle servro is connected to and is the track rubber?

    as i write this i am working on a webpage for you. i want to answer all your questions. i am a bit bothered right now, as i have a close friend that is in serious health. my concerns are directed towards him. i am at the same time working on your answers. i need all of you guys to get on your knees and start praying for Dave. GOD knows who is. all you gotta do is pray. thanks

    Ok I guess I could get my head out of the sand when it comes to other people's questions....

    Canada: Yes the tracks are Rubber. They come in link sets about 5 or 6 treads per link and they are held together with screws. They are very durable and as far as I'm concerned give great traction and floatation.

    That weird thing the throttle servo is connected to is the throttle cam. It allows the tranny to be switched from reverse to forward while still controlling the engine. Basically when the servo pushes forward the truck goes forward, it pushed the one end of the cam and moves the linkage. When the servo pulls back it moves the other side of the cam and it still pushes the throttle linkage forward to open the carb. I don't explain it very well, I have never been great at that without bein able to do hand movements to show Maybe Skyrydr or Blaneo could help ya out a bit more. I am a little off tonight, I'm finally able to see my g/f for the first time in 6 weeks.

    I am curious to one thing, how did you guys get your nicknames? I tihnk I can figure out Canada but I'm Curios to blaneo and Skyrydr.

    mine is not a nickname. it is my name. i have been totally honest here, and have nothing to hide. my name is Blane Olinghouse, hence "blaneo". GOD it is so great to be free.

    First off, I hope things go well for your friend. As for your name, It's good to know that kinda stuff about

    My name is a lot less creative, I signed up and used this name because I wanted to sell a truck of mine and figured that's all I would ever post on here since I'm a member at so many other forums. But now we have the only real Nitro Blizzard forum on the net so I am here a lot more. Cj-5 is just a Jeep name, I wanted Jeepinator but it was taken, so CJ-5 was the next thing I could think of. Whew, I am also so glad to be free now. I think I'll go run through a nice spring meadow with long grass and celebrate why I'm proud to be a woman....oooops wait thats a tampax commercial, sorry brain fart.

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    Mine is the name of the first scatch built plane I ever did , and it flew so well I built 2 of them .
    Say Blaneo I saw your rig and couldn't help but notice the fan was missing ? Mine is 4 years old and still has the original fan belt on it . Sorry to hear about your friend ,I'm wishing him the best.

    Yeah I thought about the fan belt, I still have the original one too. But I did get some elastics at school that are the perfect size.

    As far as I know, the fan was never on it to begin with. I have it, but I don't plan to use it either. I don't feel I need it running in the winter. And it would be one more thing to rob the engine of it's availible power.

    I am really sorry to here about your friend and I hope he gets well. Don't worry about awnsering my questions if you are busy really it is just a hobby. Thanx for awnsering my previous questions though

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