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    The bet tower prop for your boat is:

    LXT 022 Kyosho Propeller D31xP1.4 Viper-R

    it is the stock prop - stick with it.

    The others are too large or too flexible to work well

    The Octura X427 is the prop you should run - you can get an aluminium one which you can run without balancing.


    Hi Andrew,

    I sure hope you are still around .... I also have a Viper boat.... bought it about 10 years ago while on vacation in Florida.

    The boat has been sitting in my shed for a good 8 years, but seems to be working a bit....

    I am going to buy a waterproof ESC for it, and use that instead of the
    one provided with the boat ( as it's very used and doesn't work at the moment ).

    I need a shaft and prop for the boat, and also a replacement motor.

    I have been Googling a lot in the past week and only came across this thread on this website this afternoon

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    Frosty, which version of the Viper do you have; there were two, the newer one with two big "exhaust" humps behind the driver. Our club in Anchorage used Vipers about ten years ago and the "best" mods then were to use a 17-turn 05 motor, shim the stuffing box and coupler with 1/8" ID brass tubing and run 1/8" music wire for a prop shaft. This allowed a much better choice of props. The Octura x435 prop worked pretty well then, and I imagine that the x431 and x434/534 plastic props would work well too. This all on 6 cells mind you - on 8 cells use the x427 to x430. The Viper hull will only take so much speed, the hull shape limits its top speed, but on 6 cells it was a lot of fun.

    Hi Fluid,

    this is a very old version of the Viper.... perhaps the first version
    of it ?

    anyway here is an attached image.

    to see others click
    this link here which will be good for 30 days
    starting today ( Aug. 2, 2005 )
    ( click any image to see it larger .... and once again to see it
    a bit larger and clearer ...then use your browser's "back" button to go back to the main small images and click another )
    Attached Images

    Here's another view of the inside of the KYOSHO Viper.

    You can see the very old speed control in there.... I'm switching that out
    for a new one ( electronic ) it's made by ProBoat ( waterproof ESC with reverse ) - I hope this works with this boat...
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