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    Do they make a quality sub with cameras that could go like 50 to 75 ft of water? I live in an area that has a lot of ship wrecks and it would be neat to take a sub and film the wrecks. Any help would be appreciated.

    They make them, for sure. Being able to afford one if you don't have a university's budget might be a problem though. I just did a little quick Googling and have a question here. How would you control a sub that deep? At 50 feet, you couldn't hope to see the craft except maybe in the very clearest water, and what you can't see you can't control. Universities that use ROVs have ways of doing this, the fact that the craft is tethered to the mothership by cables undoubtedly helps.

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    The only thing that I've seen close to it and within a budget would be the sub that Thunder Tiger offers. You can place an optional camera in the nose with a screen that mounts on the transmitter.

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