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  1. 1/8 4-stroke Baja truck project (56K DEATH!) 
    For some reason I have failed to spam ya'll with this here project I'm working on. Seeing that I am pestering the rest of the internet with this thing, its only fair that you guys get to suffer thru it as well

    As some of you may know, this has been an on-going thing for the last 8 months; on-again off-again due to other things (like work and such), so in order to get ya'll up to speed I'll be starting off by bombarding you with all the old posts from other forums. So yeah, observe as your bandwidth screams for mercy

    OK folks, go to the bathroom first, this is gonna take a while.....

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    For quite a while I have been playing with the idea of making me a Baja or "Trophy Truck" type rig; you know those beasts you see flying over dunes down in Baja. I knew that I wanted it nitro-powered, I had in fact purchased some power for it already last year, but I simply had no time to work on the idea. But now I figure its time to get cracking with it.

    The whole deal is still very much in the works, as a matter of fact it really only exsists on some scraps of paper and in my head (lottsa spare room in there ya see ). But I am now at a stage where I am ready to cut some metal and get the ball rolling. No pix yet (nothing to show really), but I have the following configuration in mind:

    - 1/8 scale using driveline parts from 1/8 buggy (yeah, my on-going luv affair with those sweet Hyper 7 parts)
    - 4-stroke OS FS40 powered, for some grunt
    - Independant front and solid axle rear suspension (sorta like the 1:1 rigs)
    - Combination pan & ladder type chassis (due to the suspension system requirements)
    - Most likely 2.2 sized wheels.
    - 1/8 scale Landmax Superflow F-150 lid


    I've been hard at work getting the engine mount squared away. I still have a few more tweaks to do before its ready to "show", but trust me - its weird....:lol

    As for the chassis, well its gonna be chunky enough! I snagged me some 5mm (!!) 7075 T6 for the pan section of the chassis, and if that don't do the job I don't know what will..

    I have not trimmed it down all the way yet, I prefer to keep it "rough" until I am 100% sure as to the layout. Usually easier to trim off extra material than to add more if you cut too much :lol . I have also made a rough-cut of a front bulkhead of sorts. It will serve as upper & lower suspension arm support, as well as mount to some additional chassis braces (yet to be done).

    And as you tell from the pix I have prepared for the mounting of the tranny. Yeah, its gonna be a 2-speed - a Monster Pirate 2-speed to be precise. And as you can tell its gonna be pushed ALL the way up front on the chassis. 2 reasons for this; first I wanted free space in the rear for the 4-link suspension. Second I wanted a good weight distribution, and this will push the engine mount pretty much smack-dab centered between the front & rear axle.

    And in order to do this I had to have the mother of all driveshafts - a whopping 20mm's worth of it :lol . I tried to make my own, but after several attempts I gave up on getting it 100% true - I REALLY need a lathe. Not to worry though, the excellent Mr Bill from RC Alloys whipped me up the perfect shaft. This baby will HOLD!

    Anyways - a few shots. Keep in mind its all SUPER rough - no smoothing, sanding or tweaking done yet. The chassis will be bother narrower and shorter when done.

    And the mother of all driveshafts:


    Ok, here's a minor update. Not going to explain it in any detail yet seeing that I'm still kinda uncertain about the details myself right now .

    As I mentioned earlier, this is going to be sort of a pan/ladder hybrid chassis (of sorts). The pan will be the main platform for engine & such, while a "spine" will both help stiffen & support the chassis, and provide some mounting for the rear suspension & shocks (I *hope* - LOL)

    So using some 2mm thick rectangular aluminum channel I had, I milled out some openings for the tranny & engine mount. This will be the "spine", and will run from the front bulkhead all the way to the extreme rear of the truck, beyond the rear end of the pan chassis.

    As you can tell from the pix its still very "rough", and I have not yet done anything to the rear section of it. The plan is to taper it towards the rear.

    Anywho - here are a few pix to give you all an idea of the overall weirdness of this design...

    The spine:

    And how it will sorta mount on the pan:

    To be continued....


    Finally have a front end of sorts done now. Not DONE done, but sorta done of course :lol . Using a lot of stock Hyper 7 parts here, as planned. Arms, knuckles, driveshafts are all stock. While I had planned (and started) to make my own shock tower I suddenly found that the stocker had the geometry I wanted...typical! I'm planning on using the rear shocks from the Hyper 7 up front for increased travel, as it is now the driveshafts are the limiting factor (as I pretty much thought they would).

    One minor difference is the mounting of the suspension arms. The reason I made that "bulkhead" behind the diffhousing was to slightly lower the pivot point of the upper and lower arms, they are now about 20 mm lower than the stock H7 set-up. Just for a bit more travel.

    Anyways, fairly straight-forward so no need for lots of hot air from me, here are a few shots of it:

    To be continued...


    Just a minor update.

    Figuring that this puppy might end up just a *tad* overweight, I've started shaving off a few ounces here and there. The good thing about having 5mm worth of chassis to work with means that there is plenty to go around :lol .

    So I milled out some 3mm deep "pockets" in non-critical areas. Right now I'll ballpark that its about 30% lighter than before I started, so every little bit helps!

    More to come...


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    OMG, that is quite a piece of work, i admire your creativity and commitment.

    I'm so far behind I think I'm in first!!

    Thanks for the kind words guys! I'm still tinkering with it, hoping to get it all up and running soon - gotta hate it when work gets in the way of your hobby - LOL!

    The mill is a vertical mill from Sherline.


    In order to break in the thumpers, I used the chassis to make me a sorts of uber-hi-tech testbench:

    And good LORD whatta sound they made! Hard to discribe, but I had every one of my neighbors trying to get a glimt at what was going on!

    I do have a fairly cruddy avi file, taken with my Canon (still) digi, does not do the sound justice, but it'll give ya'll an idea! And sorry about all the shaking, I was trying to run the engines while filming. Oh, and the file is like 9MB (sorry, dunno how to compress these things yet), so you want to right-click, "Save target as".

    Double-Thump Test


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    He is a "Aeronautical Engineer" that explains the A++++ Work ....

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    Sweet scratch built. You are familiar with current off-road desert racing design. We ALL want to see it up & running!! De-bug it(if needed) and sell your design and buy some waterfront property!!!
    Looks like a mini-Herbst racing truggy!!!

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    It is beyond words to discribe this build, and well I can't wait to see pics pics of this thing running on the sand dunes so keep up the good work.

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    VERY, VERY, VERY nice job.

    This is what i looked like when i saw that beast
    Then realisin' I don't have one

    But that is some very nice work that you've done on that, some of the best i've seen. Keep it up.

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    Man that thing is freakin awesome. Did you design all at once or a step a time. I wish i had all the tools to make a custom too.

    so how much would it cost to make me one?? lol

    thats frekin amazing......speachless

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    like he said in the post before i would love to have much did it cost to make...that is just freakin amazing and just out of this world're a genious...a vid would be awesome....when can when you get one up....

  17. 4-strokes 
    the sound 2 4-stroke motors make together is just awesome. I hope you make video of the car running so people can here what is sounds like, but it won't be like actually being there.

  18. Thinking of Anodizing?? Just PM me!! 
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    If you need this AWSOME set-up Anodized,... Let me know I can do just about any color you may want!! Here are some pics of my most resent work ( Thanks!

    some piece of work you have any idea where I may find a flywheel for one of those motors ???

    Bump for updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc10mike View Post
    Bump for updates
    I talked to Thorbob! Found him online through social media. He's been busy for years and said he'll be back to RC sometime next year probably!

    He's away from his Thorminator and projects so expect more time before updates.

    Hope that helps! Nice to see others still remember this build, he was pleased to learn of interest as well.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThorBobRC
    The mill is a vertical mill from Sherline.

    can you specify which model?

    o, and this is about the third time I see this project
    still amasez me how you made it from complete scratch

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    Very, very nice project.
    It makes me want to go back to the drawing board with my 1/5th four-banger roadster idea. (Based on this engine:

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    That thing is absolutely stunning. What rims/tires you going to be running on it? How much does it weigh?


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    Nice work! You definiatley seem to have the knowhow to attack a project like this and address all the details that go along with it. I love that test run video. The engines sound awesome.

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