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    This needs to be cleared up because I just purched a 1/5 scale car and
    have been told that JetCat will let me borrow a small turbine.

    The turbine will be turning 124,000 rpms, there is no way to but a belt
    or gear on this shaft.. way to fast.. so like all full size airliner engines
    I will have a power turbine. This windmill turbine witch will be welded
    directly to the back of the JetCat. The power turbine will only be turning ~50,000
    and will be geared down ~6:1 and will provide all power to the wheels..
    Any gasses left (1-4 lbs thrust) will point strait up.

    If this is not leagle let me know so I can send the 1/5 scale back..

    btw.. there no difference between a turbine heli and what I am making.
    both have an output shaft witch is driven by hot gasses..

    Thanks for your help..

    Eddie Weeks

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    paso robles ca
    i dunno eddie, your vehicle is starting to scare me! it sound more like a UFO. if it flips over, does it become a hoover craft? have you ever watched tractor pulls? every once and a while they'll bring a tractor with some god awfully large engine out of some scrapped jet. fact is, they don't do too well. i dont think a jet will provide enough torque to get you past the 100mph mark. unless you put wings on it!

    I thought the whole idea of this challenge is to develop new technology for
    the RC car market. And your right, there is a good chance this thing
    will not work right, but I will have tested it over and over long before I fly to CA.

    So in the sprite of the challenge, let me make something you ain't never
    seen before.

    I sure there will be some really scary electrics with like 4000 watts of power
    going to motors the size of coke cans.. I can't wait to see those things run..

    Eddie Weeks

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