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    Im new to rc boats (been into rc trucks for ages) and im trying to figure out what to get for my first boat. i live in australia, next to the sea and want a boat that i can use in salt water, and something that can handle waves up to about 2-3 feet. my idea is some kind of deep vee that i will be able to jump over swells with (monster truck style ) i recon out boards look cool, any with outboards?. price and size dont matter too much.
    Any ideas?

    ur looking a gas a newb too but from what i heard get something like an enforcer or a prather boat

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    2-3 FEET??
    That sounds like the biggest waves I would ever want to run on.
    Enforcer Magnum 57 would be a good boat, if you don't mind 20 mph. It can go faster, but not in that kind of waves. The best choice I can think of is to go REALLY big. I know you say price and size don't matter much, but for the Magnum, you're talking 57" $1.5k, and, for the best boat I can think of for the conditions, the Bonzi 84" Apache, it could easily be $2-$5k (depending on options). Are you sure you don't have any smoother water than that? As for running on salt water, it is fine as long as you flush everything with freshwater after you're done with it for the day, or it could corrode and salt residue could build up inside and ruin it.

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    oh come on, I take my acient Speed Vee oringal my Tower hobbies through 2 foot waves, its only 24 inches long, with a shallow vee, it handles them fine. My villian EX handles them as good as my Enforcer, but the Enforcer is more stable and i would reccommend it better. If its always 2-3 foot waves, Enforcer. Go gas, but a EX qwould handle it

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    Not at more than 20-25 mph you don't. (15 for the villain, and even these figures are optimistic) Now, I didn't say you couldn't run, but I have tried my villain on those kind of waves, and it does NOT feel very stable, and doing 15 (while praying it won't flip) is not very fun. For having fun, the Enforcer or Bonzi (or possibly Aeromarine) would be best.

    We run our electric Wave Sharks in seas that large. Lots of fun. But I always make sure its warm enough to good for a swim if need be!

    Video of some wave jumping.
    Steven Vaccaro

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