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    Well i guess 5th scales are out because nobody has the "money" to do it.If I could I would be working on my idea right now,but I can't.I think that if it was thought out a 5th scale could be a good contendor.To sad that maybe a few people are going to be using them.
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    Personally - I can understand why you would make the rule change. But I liked it better when it was 24 to keep the 1/10 or 1/8 scale range.

    What does that change though? Nothing.There will be people with 5th scales there just not as many as the 10th or 8th scales.I want to hear from people who will be entering 5th scales.I want to hear about test runs and the problems they had to overcome.I know eddieweicks(sorry about spelling) has a turbine powered 5th scale that I would like to hear more about.5th scalers if you respond to this post you don't have to say exactly what your running I just want to hear your predictions and hear how well your projects are doing.ANY RESPONSE TO THIS WILL BE APPRECIATED!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterV
    A big part of the WFRCCC's mission is to expose high-performance RC to a new audience. What better way to do that than with an event that can reach the mainstream media with a message like "RC cars exceeding 100mph!"? With that in mind, we wanted the rules to require cars that, while no doubt exotic and expensive, were still "toy sized". That way, when Joe Nonhobbyist sees the story, he might think "Wow, I had no idea toy cars could go that fast! I'm now going to visit Hobbytown and wipe out my Visa card". If the cars are huge, it's still a cool story, but the hobby may seem more like something for the ultra-hardcore, not anything for regular people.

    But, upon reflection, it just didn't seem right to have a rule that instantly eliminates what many consider to be the ultimate RC machines. So welcome big cars...but I'm rooting for the "little" cars!
    I think peter here ^^ has a point, Most peoplewould by an 10th,8th scale over a 5th or 6th scale

    Ya but I can name 2 people using 5th sclaes right now.Count 3 if I were attending.It's like Trans -am racing(it kills me to relate this to big scale racing).You can start out with a BMW or a Corvette with decent sponsorship but then there the Porsche whichs costs more yes but look at how many are in the field!Yes 10 and 8th scales are cheaper but price depends on how much you want that title of worlds fastest RC.
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    I am using 10th scale -

    I think it will take anything bigger than 1/8 scale to much room to get up to speed. But that is just my opinion.

    I like your Brushless tc3 I like thoughs rims you got there. Cool site study

    Thanks - just posted videos today.

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