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    I have had a tamiya ford lightning for 2 years now. I am ordering a bearing kit and am going to mess around with batteries see how fast i can get it to go. I am not expecting to win but i want to try to hit 70+. But first I want to replace the body and am curious what size (in mm) sedan bodies would fit it? In addition maybe somebody would know what type of wheels i could get as replacements on it. The lightning has a tl01 chassis. Thanks
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    The TL-01 uses a 190mm wide body and you can use any sedan wheel you want as it uses the standard 12mm hex mount.
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    You wont get the Tl-01 to 70. I think I got mine to 45mph wit ha brushless motor and a $100 6 cell. The Tl-01 cannot be geared correctly to achieve the high speeds, or run fast motors
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    psst...GA Maxx, my TL-01 will do 80 +...

    i say you all are nuts you will never go anywhere if you go eletric you batts. will die at 40-60mph My bet is nitro all the way beacuse it has the torque to pull like a 32 bell and a 32 spur.

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    maybe a 20 bell, and a,60 spur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GA Maxx
    You wont get the Tl-01 to 70. I think I got mine to 45mph wit ha brushless motor and a $100 6 cell. The Tl-01 cannot be geared correctly to achieve the high speeds, or run fast motors
    If you cut a hole through the chassis to allow space for another batt pack (like how i did mine), im sure you could use 14 volts to get it above 70. Im breaking 30mph with just a titan 550 (which do fit very nicely).

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    you can hit around 30 mph with the silver can and the tallest gearing (23t with speed tuned gears - approx 4:1), so dont give us any rubbish about you wont break 40+.....

    more batts and a good motor(BL preferably) will see it fly, again I dont think your gonna be right at the top of the high speed runs, but you will go pretty fast.

    for bodies, any 190mm body would work, 200m bodies might work but will look odd unless you use wide offset wheels or something. most sedan wheels will fit, some larger wheels would fit too - wild dagger 2.2" truck rims for example, it would allow larger/wider tyres offering more grip. if you want large wheels and tyres for more speed, but dont want the serious weight/fatness of the truck tyres, they you can use HPI super nitro wheels, and slick tyres, these are larger diameter but not massivley wider.

    dont forget important upgrades to make the TL01 faster - the carbon prop shaft, and speed tuned gears are vital, not to mention ball bearings, oil shocks, and an ESC of course(unless you were going for a drag style switch instead).

    also if you want to make it lighter and simpler you could always remove the prop shaft, and front gears/diffs etc, to make it RWD only - it cant hurt you top speed, but may be harder to drive(?)

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  9. Tl-01 
    Yeah, i hav a tl-01, and i got it around 2years ago, it could go around 25mph stock, wif the 3speed mechanical speed control, i was pretty happy wif it. but i decided 2 upgrade, cuz i wanted the fastest car in my neighborhood, so i bought a peak preformance raven 13t double wound mod. motor. I got it for 9.99 on ebay, and it hasn't let me down, i also hav a futaba look alike, i got on ebay for $8, and it goes down to 13t. With just these upgrades, i was able to reach 45mph.(and i hav speed tuned gears, 12pinion, and 70spur). Then i wanted more handling, so i got oil shocks, and upgraded all my arms to aluminum, got a carbon shaft, the venom super slick tires, full abec3 ball bearing set, and i lightened it by hollowing out some of hte parts. i was happy, because i was reaching close to 55mph. the only down side to this was that my run times were around 3-4min. on my shark 1500. so i went out n' spent a little more money on a venom 3300, and i must say, its amazing!!, only $39.99, but its a value!, i get around 20-25min. run timez!!!! but besure to discharge, or u'll start 2 lose that. all in all, i spent around $60 for the chasis kit, then $60 for the futaba radio, and around $160, and i'm pulling rele close to 60mph, soo, yeah, u can get pretty damn close to 70mph, but it will b pretty hard to get there

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