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    Although this may sound incredibly insane to suggest, i think a Fm-1e or similar motorcycle could do really well in this competition (with a few modifications.)
    OK so:
    1. Lightweight if you change out aluminum for carbon fiber
    2. Low drag (take off dude)
    3. Efficient drive train
    4. Large rollout

    Two problems are where do you put the crazy amount of cells and how will it handle on huge track (will it jump off of tiny dips in track.)

    Anybody begin a project similar to this? Would this even work?

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    I was looking at a bike the other day and was thinking the same thing. It looks to me from pics that you could squeeze a at least 10 to 12 cells in it, if you are creative. Drop a neo mag motor in it and you might get 70 or 80 mph out of it. I think it would be pretty cool.

    Later, Randy

    Yeah, i am thinking if you could get two lipoly batts on the bottom of the bike where there usually is a case to hold a nicd/nimh, a hacker brushless and a bunch of carbon fiber would at least get you to 100. (some gearing adj. necessary)

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    im thinking unless you made it real long and low then it might just to wheelies and flip over backwards.. and if it didnt... well then you need more power

    secondly im 99% sure that you will need downforce, firstly to stop the car/bike get airborne over jumps and secondly so it can go around the corners faster.. and its difficult to get good downforce on a bike...

    thirdly dosent a bike technically break the rule where the body must have some kind of "cockpit" area???
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    It's called the "Car Action World's Fastest RC Car Challenge!" unless you get the okay from someone ahead of time, you'd probably be excluded from competition because the last time I checked, a motorcycle isn't a car.


    Special awards will also be given for “Most Innovative Design,” “Fastest-Looking”, “Fastest Production Car” (for vehicles that are still recognizable as production-based cars and trucks), “Fastest Engine-Powered Car” and “Fastest Electric Car.” We may also make up some awards at the event, based on the type of vehicle that show up (Fastest Monster Truck? Fastest Motorcycle? Surprise us!). It’s a top-speed contest, but we’ll also reward creativity and originality; we don’t want every car to be a rail with 20 cells.

    ANYWAYS ... I am not sure how to accomplish downforce, the only areas that would be a possibility to make "wings out of" would be the front windshield and the very back end of the seat.

    It seems that the gyroscopic effect of the wheels at that speed would keep the motorcycle balanced or (imbalanced)would cause a horrific crash, either case being interesting at 100mph.

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