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  1. Kitchen Cutting Board for Pit Board? 
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    Clay, Alabama
    Has anyone tried using a normal kitchen cutting board as a pit board? All I want is a good flat surface for measuring ride height and camber. (a full set up system is farther down the line for me)

    I bought a 12x18 cutting board at Wally World, but I haven't opened it yet - it can go back if this is a bad idea. I would think the only real concern would be about it staying flat, and one of this board's key points is it's resistance to warping.

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    i see many guys at the track using all sorts of things but indeed i have seen people using cutting boards, so you should be fine.

    i've seen people using wood, glass, cutting boards, metal, you name it. as long as it's flat, you're good to go.

    i think the ideal thing is a 3/4" thick piece of MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a melamine surface on one side.
    you can find melamine surfaced panels at many home centers but it's usually on low density board which is much less resistent to chipping, warping, and moisture.
    the thing to do if you're looking to be crafty and have a great result would be to buy a 2x4' 3/4" piece of mdf which you can find at many home centers and get a 2x4' piece of melamine which you can also find there, then glue the melamine to the mdf using gorrila glue. once it's dry you can cut it in half and give one to a buddy.

    or just use the cutting board.

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    I use one when checking the tweak to make it more functional and ensure its level. I added 4-3/4 inch square blocks to bottom, with screws in each (to adjust height and level it) measure the thickness to find correct center and attach to level bubbles on front and side.

    So even if the work surface isn't level the screws can be adjusted until the board is level and for working on car I attach hook and loop take the attack a foam car stand and tools. Treat the wood one with something that prevents it from warping, accumalating moisture or drying out -polyurethene, water repellent, linseed oil.

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    I use a 2 pieces of plexiglass.
    Get one sheet about 3/16" thick, then put any stickers or logos you want on it.

    Then get another sheet of plexiglass about 1/8" thick and put it over top the other piece protecting all your stickers/logo's. You can either tape the 2 pieces together or better yet drill and tap 4 holes one on each edge and use a 4/40 screw to hold the 2 pieces together. Looks awesome, works great, and is fairly light to transport

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    when you go to lowes or home depot look for the melamine shelving. a door about 18"x24" is around $4.00. mine has lasted for a year now.

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