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    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I'm not even involved in the CAWFRCCC, but have been wanting to give some buddies of mine a few fits. I any case, read on as my challenge directly relates...These fellas meet up with a rather large group of guys that run exclusively nitro cars, and basically drag race them, and use radar and GPS to see whose while I'm sure they have seen honest speeds on 50, 60, 70, maybe even 80mph, having myself started years ago with racing 10th and 12th scale pan cars, I know there is a much higher "than people expect" potential speed for electric cars. Basicall, I've been getting the itch to go out their and run an electric by them at 80-90 mph...I'm not looking for any secrets as I have alot of knowledge on the subject. I've been actively involved in RC for about 18 years now, with the past 8 or so of them involved in building and racing fast electric boats. That leaves me pretty well stocked with brushless motors and speedcontrols and the knwledge that fast electric boats now dominate the water and land speed RC records at over 120 mph, with the potential of going way faster if the sanctioned straightline course was longer.

    My idea is this, Corally assasin, direct drive mode, Hacker B50 8s (about 4600rpv...if I'm remembering right) either shultze 88wo or hacker 99 esc, 8-10 cells, and gearing somewhere around 3.5-4:1 on 8-10 cells. Body would be either a porsche (GTP type) or Lola body both which are available in 200mm widths.

    My own quiestions for this project...will the single belt handle the kind of load that the extra revs and mass of the extra cells would put on it?
    I'm also thinking that 8 cells with the closer to 3:1 gearing may be a better choice for the drive configuration...opinions?
    and, why the heck is it so hard to find a Corally assasin to purchase?

    Thanks guys...looking forward to hearng some feed back on this.

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    We have a forum dedicated to brushless within this site.

    Click on "general R/C forum" then "Brushless motor forum"

    Go there, read, read, read... and then ask questions.

    See you there.


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