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    LosiMan3456 Guest
    I have been in about 3 years. I am only 12 though. My first car was going to be a XXcr. But I ended up getting a good used XXcrKE!

    nitroracer911 Guest
    if you count Radia Shack cars... that would be about 12 years...

    if you count the ones that do not turn unless you go backwards... about 25 years

    As far as Nitro... 5 months

    davidwp97 Guest
    Really old guy here. Check this out:

    Founding Father

    It is amazing to see how the hobby has grown in 32 years! Keep up the great work and HAVE FUN!!

    David W. Palmeter

    SteveP Guest
    David - Thank you, thank you, thank you!! you took my place as the "Old Guy" here !

    My R/C days started in 1978, when I first laid eyes on what I think was a LaTraxx GT40 electric car. I flew to Santa Cruz to visit my uncle for the summer and proceeded to drive my R/C car up and down the aisle of the 747, which used to be common for domestic flights back then. Of course I couldn't get away with that today - I'd be arrested for somehow offending the flight "crew" while they launch the 1 oz. bag of peanuts at us with a wrist rocket because they found it was easier than walking up and down those REALLY long aisles to HAND us the bird food... But that's another story.

    Anyway, I dabbled with R/C until some time in 1983 when I was heading out for a ride in my buddy's 27 Magnum Marine off-shore race boat with a pair of 700 horsepower small-blocks (it was a real treat to have your lips ripped off from wind velocity), when this guy named Louis DeFrancesco shows up to take the ride with us. Turns out his family publishes some magazine about radio control airplanes. The rest is history...

    nitroboy2001 Guest
    Wow, everyone has been in teh hobby so long! I 've only been in it for 3 years, since 1998 when i bought my first car the procat, I proabably never could of afforded the car back tehn, but a nice racer practicly gave it to me! It's amazing how people in this hobby could be so nice!

    viper137 Guest
    well... my first r/c car was the grasshopper i got for my birthday (i stayed up all night building the thing).
    that summer i got a boat, used and abused them till they died.
    i got back into r/c last may with 1:8 nitro, oh my god i missed r/c!!!

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    North Carolina, USA
    It was 16 years ago when the question was asked, when I was a kid!
    When the question was asked, I didn't know anything about R/C!
    But, now I know; I know it over 5 years.
    I couldn't stop me to reply watching a question asked such a long term ago!

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