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  1. Turbines? 
    Right, first of all, I am not going to take part to this, I can't affort it! Now there was a program on the telly, about some nutcase that got a helicopter motor, a turbine, and somehow made it power the wheels of an insanely fast car.

    I don't know the rules, but would that be allowed? A turbine that gives power to the wheels?

    Have a look here: I am not saying to directly connect the turbine to the wheels, maybe someone can make a multi gear, that starts very high and goes to a 1:1 ratio, 120k rpm, that will blow any brushless motor, even if they do 60K+!

    Or am I being delusional and a turbine is ment to fly planes and heli's?
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    This my first try... it worked but not very well..

    My second ver is at at the machine shop right now..

    btw.. you can't touch that 120K rpms with anything, belt
    gears... ect.. because of viberation.. you can get 80K off
    the main shaft but that is only half power for a turbine...

    Your best bet is a second stage like this one..

    I have one of these in my shop.. Its not mine, I am just running
    it for a friend..

    Eddie Weeks

    7.1bhp?! That's mental! Very nice, so all you do is a lot of modding on a car, then replace the prop with a shaft to the rear wheels and you can go?

    Fair enough, maybe 120k is too much, I don't know really, it's just an idea, maybe someone here has a lot of 's and wants to make a fancy car? But really, what can possibly top up that turboprop? Yes starting will be a female dog, but if you get someone to do a nice gearbox setup it can't be that slow to accelerate.

    But then there's alot of loss when you use the exhaust and the exhaust only from the turbine, I mean, compared to a shaft driven ( I am not even going to mention belt driven ) it would work much better...but very very nice try indeed!

  4. Jet 
    Why don't you just make a jet car, then put something like a fan right behind it that spins faster as the jet moves air through faster. The only problems i can think of would be vibration,heat, & fuel.

    Eddie can you inform us when your second version of your project is done, as i am very interested in it. I wish i had the money to build one of those cars with a turbine Good luck on your car

    you'll need to consider aerodynamics if you go that route. theres a good chance you'll wreck your record car if aerodynamics aren't right. thats a good $2k down the drain. o and ever considered the turboprop they have cause thats what am using. sadly thats the last piece i need. the chassis is ready but im short about 2,500. o well hope the event becomes annual.

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